How To Train your cat

Is Your Cat Living Their Best Life?

Are you worried that your indoor cat may be bored?

Do you find yourself spending lots of money on food puzzles and toys that don’t occupy your cat for very long?

Seeing your cat spend the whole day on the couch can create a feeling of guilt — we all want to have the best relationship with our cat, and that means giving them the most enriched life possible. Well-intended cat “experts” will tell you that all you need to do is play more with your cat, but many cats are not that interested in toys. If your house is a graveyard of 'dead' cat toys, you can probably relate.


Not All Cats Sleep All Day

Many people say that cats are easy pets and that they don’t need much attention.

And training? No way! Cats train us, and we don’t train them! Right?


Maybe your cat is more energetic and demanding of your attention. Plus, there are some behavioural challenges you may want to improve, but google searches always lead you to cruel and ineffective methods like spray bottles and sticky tape.

There has to be a better way!


How To Train Your Cat

The Struggle Is Real

Many cats exhibit problem behaviours related to boredom, such as biting and inappropriate scratching. These behaviours result in frustrated owners and a weakening of the cat–human bond.

Furthermore, many cat owners get caught in the "I can't train a cat misconception," often accepting their cat's problem behaviours as unsolvable.

It's Time To Bust The Myth That
Cats Aren't Trainable

Learning new skills and behaviours is a form of enrichment and activity.

Training solves many problem behaviours that frustrate cat owners.

Every cat can learn. No cat is too old or too young to learn.

Training a cat isn't hard, especially when you have someone to show you how it's done.

It only takes a few minutes a day to enrich your cat's life with training.

Learn How To Train Your Cat

Welcome to Cat School!

It’s time to end all the silly misconceptions about cat training and give cat lovers an easy solution to the enrichment and attention that their cats crave.

It is our mission to make training your cat a positive and fulfilling experience. The best part is that you only need a few minutes a day to make a significant impact on your cat’s well-being.

The Cat School Training Program

All the tools and resources you need to enrich your cat's life and improve their behaviour

A roadmap to teaching your cat fun and practical behaviours

Video lessons and supplementary notes to help you learn

An expert on hand to answer all your questions and give you feedback on your training

cat training kit

Online Course Curriculum

Building Blocks

Learn all the building blocks that the cat teacher uses to build a repertoire of hundreds of tricks and behaviours.

Practical Training

Learn all the basics including Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Go To A Spot, and Carrier Training.



Learn fun tricks such as Jumping Through An Arm Hoop, Paw shakes, Beginner Fetch, Spin, Leg Weaves and Double High Five. If you don’t see a trick you want to learn, ask for help, and the teacher will guide you.

Solving Problem Behaviour

Learn a proven framework for solving problem behaviour. Detailed training plans are included for the most common challenges.

Bonus: Pawshake Routine

Teach your cat to use each paw and combine fist bumps and high fives into an adorable paw shake routine that you can show off to all your friends.

Monthly Challenges

Join our monthly Instagram challenges and get support in the online classroom.

Watch Julie and Jones "unbox" the kit

Learn all about the tools we use at Cat School to train cats.


Can I purchase the course without the tools?

If you already have the tools, and only want the course, click here.

How do I buy the kit as a gift for someone?

When you purchase the course you get a pdf with a course link. The pdf is transferable to the recipient. The package also comes with a postard with the course link.

How long can I access the course?

There is no time limit on the course. Work at your cat's pace. If you get another cat in the future, you will continue to have access to the program.

What if my cat is not food motivated?

There is a section in the course on building food motivation.

Will this course help my cat's biting?

Yes! This course will teach your cat appropriate behaviours which will reduce unwanted behaviours. There is also a section on solving problem behaviour, and you can ask for help from the teacher.

Is my cat too old or too young train?

Age is not a limiting factor on training. Both kittens and older cats can learn.

What if I have multiple cats?

There is a section on working with multiple cats in the course.

Where do you ship to?

We ship tracked packages to the following countries:


Hong Kong
















South Korea












United Kingdom



United States




New Zealand

Don't see your country listed? Send an email to with your address and we can investigate shipping options.

Can I see a preview of the course?

Get To Know Your Teachers

Hi, I'm Julie, the cat teacher, and this is my assistant, Jones. Five years ago, Jones entered my life and changed everything I thought I knew about cats. At that time, I was working as a dog trainer and training my dogs in the evening. It didn't take long for Jones to notice that the dogs were participating eagerly in their training time — getting treats and attention, and he wanted in on the action. Suddenly, I had a new student that quickly demonstrated his eagerness and ability to learn. I shared our fist bump tutorial on Instagram and saw so many cats having fun learning. It became my mission to pass on the message that cats love clicker training, and that training strengthens the cat–human bond.

I hold the Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviourist (ACAAB) designation, your assurance that I will always present the most progressive training methods. Jones and I can't wait to help you learn!

how to train your cat

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