The Cat Leash Walking Kit
The Cat Leash Walking Kit
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cat leash
cat on a leash

The Cat Leash Walking Kit

When it comes to leash walking cats, a vest is best. More surface area equals more protection; it is incredibly challenging for a cat to slip out of a tightly-fit vest harness. A brightly colored vest increases your cat's visibility both to you (if your cat sneaks behind a bush) and to passersby so they can hold their dog's leash a little bit tighter! A vest distributes any tension on the leash across the front of the body and prevents any rubbing and irritation caused by thin straps that dig into your cat's sensitive parts. Lightweight, like wearing a t-shirt, your cat will be comfortable while they safely explore the outdoor world. Designed by an applied animal behaviorist, the kit includes a 10' long leash and a clicker to teach your cat to listen outside.

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$39.50 USD


  • Highly Visible: Bright colors increase your cat's visibility
  • Safe And Secure: When fit properly, vest style harnesses offer maximum safety
  • Comfortable: Ultra-lightweight and soft
  • Easy To Train: Drapes over your cat's back
  • Easy To Clean: Machine washable

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