The class is very helpful, detailed, and super organized! Julie us so responsive when we post questions to the msg board! Can’t recommend this class enough! Our cat loves to train!

Angelana M.

Penelope was enrolled in Cat School and I bought the target stick and clicker combination for her. This was the only combination I could find online that had a soft enough click for working with cats. The shipping was quick and the clicker and target stick combination were nicely packed in a custom case. We also received a quick start guide for using the clicker and target stick plus a thank you note from the teacher and star pupil Jones. Penelope was always a very affectionate kitty but now seeks out my attention for her daily training time and snuggles with me more. Training has been a great way to encourage her to exercise and help us bond to another level. We both look forward to keeping up with new materials at Cat School.

Bronwen H.

Both my cats have just passed 1st grade and we are working on grade 2 now. This has been so much fun for both me and my cats. I would highly recommend it.

Teryn J.

There are other videos. When my old cat passed away, my niece turned up here with a feral cat I mean feral I don’t mean a stray cat. I mean a wild animal. He was four months old that’s past the window for socializing, feral kittens. I knew NOTHING about it. After 3 more months, on my hands and knees with chicken and turkey between my fingers, trying to charm him out from under the bed or under the couch, I got in touch with different people like Julie. I never wanted to live with an unfriendly cat, but my niece does trap altar and release and she wanted to spare these kittens a nasty winter. Someone gave me the idea of feeding him under my knees, and that began our relationship. He learned to ring a bell from me watching Julie and to tolerate a halter and collar, but I stopped, because I’m not gonna take him out at this point. He plays cups and other thinks. The most important thing is that we form the bond, and he never sleeps with me and gets in my lap, and there’s all kinds of things that he was not doing. Julie has been VERY valuable to us and I just joined and sent for her cute little clicker. ❤️

Lynne N.

Since I’m just beginning the transition to scheduled meals and an all-wet diet, June isn’t yet interested in the dried treats I’ve picked out. Despite that, I still feel like I can make progress. For example, I can use wet food on a spoon, food puzzles, and play to communicate correct behavior. I had no idea there were so many ways to connect with June before taking this course, and even if I did, I would have been overwhelmed. Thanks to the community of owners and students at Cat School, I can be patient with the diet transition and the process of finding the right methods for working with my cat, and thanks to Julie, I know what lies ahead for us. I can’t recommend Cat School enough, and I just started!

Kyle C.

Great clickers, though the one on the wand clicks a bit louder than the other and that sometimes scares one of my cats. No big deal though, i just use the other one for now. I like the cute bag that comes with them too. The courses themselves are great as well. Simple instructions and help is always available. Good stuff.

Jessy L.

My 7-yrs-old Mr. Know-it-All, David, and I are having so much fun with this program. I rescued him from a nice shelter 4 years ago, and he’s learning so fast, I wonder if the shelter’s staff had used this clicker method with him. I’m actually having to learn the tricks fast in order to keep up with Dave:) Super cute; thanks for all the great tutorials!

Ludy B.

Julie and Jones are the best teachers I have found. Lily and I love our training times. Thank you so much.

Karen E.

I love cat school!

Rohaus, J.

So far we love our training kit! The clicker and target stick are super easy to use and Rosie has shown a lot of interest in them! The kit combined with the online subscription has given us a lot of material to work on and fun to have! We spend about 10 minutes a day working on the courses and I can see her catching on very quickly! Thanks so much to Julie and Jones! Love you both ❤️

Christine Heydon

We have been doing Cat School for about a year and you;dnt be happier. Julie is an amazing, hands-on instructor who is always quick to reply to questions and eager for students to achieve success! Love it!

Deborah Olliff

Well i cant comment on a old dog learning new tricks but our tabby Bishop who is 7 years old has really taken to the training. Would really recommend the course. The clickers are also useful. I started the course without them and have not yet found them essential but i think they are a good teaching tool. The quality is reasonable to.

Paul Robinson

Easy to use, step by step guide to sucess. Our kittens enjoy the exercise for mind and body with clicker training. Supporting the possitive behavior instead of managing negative behavior has been awesome. This system promotes a real way to communicate and bond with you cat! A must have for cat lovers!


There are many techniques and lessons to help with my cats and they work.

Dominique Amis

The clicker and target stick in themselves are the nicest ones I’ve seen for cats. The small clicker is quiet enough for indoor use. The booklet has super clear and concise instructions for a number of basic behaviors.

But the huge value here is enrolling in cat school. When I enrolled, not knowing how useful it was going to be, I felt like the price of the kit and the classes was expensive. Now, I think it’s an amazing bargain.

About the online classes the online lessons and progression are super clear. I keep thinking I’ll submit more videos with questions, but when I review what other people have submitted and read Julie’s feedback, all my questions are answered.

Even my big aggressive grumpy cat just purrs through every session. And my good-natured kittens are just eating up the information. And (one more cat) my super shy older girl is coming out of her shell more and I can trim her nails now.

The system is is as Julie says, a way to improve your relationship with your cats. And that’s worth a lot!

Laurie Gerber

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Julie’s clicker-training course is unparalleled. This kit with the clicker and target stick are immensely helpful for quick progression through the course. I started the lessons without them (having obtained a different clicker) and immediately realized how much better it would be to have these tools. Definitely a great purchase, 110% worth it!

Jacqueline Anders

Great Training Kit. Great support by Julie.Worth every penny and I have already recommended it to my friends with cats ????


This course is comprehensive, interactive, and very fun to make progress in! My kitty is so eager to participate in training sessions, and I love seeing her learn and gain trust in me. My cat’s personality is perfect for activities like this, but I would recommend this to anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding and respect for their cat.


I work at a Fear Free Vet Clinic and talk to clients constantly about positive training for dogs. I’ve known that you could clicker train a cat and even managed a few tricks with my smartest cat Ben. (We read the Clicker Training book together.). However, I never knew how to build up to more complicated tricks. I stumbled upon this training course by accident, and it was an impulse buy. Ben’s godchild Paige is smart, but a nervous Nelly. I had tried clicker training with her, but she got so scared at times, that we had to quit. Now, with Julie’s steps, she looks forward to training every morning for her breakfast. It’s been a wonderful bonding experience for us. Plus, since my senior cat needs private time to eat her prescription food, she gets to eat in peace while Paige goes to school. I don’t completely agree with Julie’s nutrition advice as a veterinary professional, but I can heartily endorse her positive training techniques and the way it improves the bond you can have with your furry Boss.


It blows my mind that Julie’s methods work so well. It has helped us bond with our sweet kitten, Bowie – who has shown us how incredibly smart he is. What a way to let him shine!

Melissa Brooks

Easy, my kitties love it. When they see me getting the bag out, they run to their “training” mat…We’ve advanced a bit beyond ping pong kitty/ their names/ high fives & use their scratch post. But as I train them together I rather repeat to ingrain the lessons well. I tried today match with a ball but they’re not ready yet. In reality they are aprox12 wks old, have been training for 3 weeks. It’s my first experience with clicker training. I’m fascinated …Janine????�‍????, Luna????y Circe????

Janine Vici Campbell

The instructions are pretty clear, and it’s a step-by-step walk through of how to get your cat to do mostly what you’d like.

Wendy Wheeler

There is certainly a positive difference in both of my indoor cats’ moods and behaviors since starting them in Cat School a month ago. I have noticed they are more trusting and communicative and I am learning along with them.

I appreciate the ‘getting started’ workbook as well as the online support and video tutorials. The target training stick and smaller clicker are convenient to use and work very well. I am grateful to Julie and Jones for making Cat School accessible to anyone who wants to learn how to teach effective ways to communicate with our cats!

Jolene Schafer

Everything about this purchase is great. I love the school platform, and how quick Julie responds to questions. She has really helped me tailor my training to the individual quirks of my cat, and we have so much fun with it. The tools included in the kit are great and it was nice to get everything in an easy bundle. I would recommend Cat School to anyone looking to have some engaging fun with their cat!

Kenzie Mitzner

If you’re even considering buying this course, that’s a sign you should do it. I’m sure there are free alternatives all over the internet, but Julie is a professional. If you’re going to train your cat you might as well do it right! If you ever have questions or your cat isn’t “getting it,” she is there to help. There is SO much material in this course and Julie is so responsive. She really wants your cat to succeed and she takes the time to make sure you’re giving them the tools they need.

Cat Mom

I’ve always had cats and really loved having them around. However, we have always had dogs as well. Admittedly, they have been our focus when it comes to training. After losing my sweet dog in March of 2020, I was so lost. I am working from home now, I don’t have children, My husband still leaves for work, and I don’t know my neighbors…a recipe for loneliness. One day, I looked down at my sweet outgoing cat and asked him “would you like a job?” To which he replied “meow!” So, I found Cat School and got started! In the month we have been enrolled, he has gone from spending most of his life under our bed; to spending his days with me. He follows me all over! He is more affectionate and sleeps well through the night. We are having fun! This program has had a major impact on my life. Thank you!

Lauren Hinsman

Still training twice a day and loving every minute of it. My cat loves it and comes to get me for training right before dinner time every night. The online discussion board is priceless because every cat is different and so the difficulties your cat might face just understanding what you are asking her to do are usually answered on a the page, and if not Julie is always ready to assist in any way possible. It really is an incredible school.
I think the only thing that was different is the click for the stick vs the smaller hand held one. The Stick clicker is stiffer and louder than the latter, but it didn’t take long for my cat to get used to it. Still a five star product.

Leah Hudspeth

this program is easy to implement and fun for my cat and me. the online videos are quick to watch and offer helps in the written description plus you an always reach out to the trainer to ask specific questions. my cat is learning quickly and loves training time.

Molly Brislin

My cat can sit, comes when called, and he’s learning how to park himself in a particular spot already. So far, so good!

Alexendria Blackwell

The cat training kit is great. My cat made progress very quickly and I am able to ask questions any time and get a very quick response. It’s also lots of fun for the humans and gives some troubleshooting tips. Thanks Julie!

Lily Ajjoub

A large library of detailed lessons, two essential tools, and the active support of Julie make this kit a home run! Once you realize how often you will be using Cat School, how much stimulation your cats will get, and how much enjoyment you will have teaching them, the monetary cost will seem like a bargain.

Our two cats do Cat School lessons twice a day, before breakfast and before dinner, and they love it! It’s extremely gratifying seeing them learn and figure things out over time, and it’s also a great bonding experience we get to share with them. Contrary to what pop culture tries to argue, cats are perfectly trainable and do enjoy learning new things! Like anyone else they just need a willing teacher, a bit of patience, and proper motivation.

Julie will give you all the educational know-how and tools you need to start teaching your furry pupils. We absolutely, whole-heartedly recommend Cat School!


The cat school course is amazing! Instructions are intuitive and easy to follow and the course is set out extremely well. Julie and the adorable Jones demonstrate every new skill so you know exactly what it’s supposed to look like. The excellent course material isn’t the best thing about this purchase though – the best thing is Julie’s support.

No question is too big, small or daft! Julie is there to support you and your kitty through every hurdle. Even when those hurdles aren’t related to clicker training Julie lends a helpful ear and provides the resources you need to overcome the issue. Having a compassionate and dedicated expert just a message away is invaluable.

We love cat school!
Lily & Domino


Hi there – love trying to train my boy Charlie + we’ve begun strong! Your instructions are great, easy to follow. I’ve only had one issue, we can’t train when Luna, his sister, comes over after a nap! He gets sidetracked easily. It is lots of fun + we will def continue. Charlie is definitely motivated by treats! Thank you!!! We can’t wait to get a little further in training.

paige medina

I have been so incredibly impressed with the cat school and clicker training. I adopted my kitty, Frank, a little over a month ago and he has been a huge bundle of energy. I decided to start clicker training after I noticed a few problem behaviors and figured maybe it could help him to release his energy in a more positive manner. I couldn’t be happier with the progress he has made. He has learned so many different tricks and behaviors that I had no idea he was capable of. Not to mention, Julie is an absolute gem. She has helped me every step of the way and has provided me with advice on how to best care for Frank and how I can adapt clicker training to work for him and for me. She has gone above and beyond in providing me with resources and help even when my questions do not involve Frank’s clicker training. It is evident that she cares a lot about your experience and Frank and I feel so supported by her. I can’t recommend this program enough!


I have 3 cats- one much younger than the other two. They all caught on quickly in different training options and all love participating. We have much better communication and far less problems with improper behavior. My kitties high five now too!


We just rescued two brothers and as soon as I knew we were going to get them I placed this order! I am loving working with them as a way to get to know one another and develop a bond. The lessons are easy to understand and practice. I appreciate the clear direction and selection of two clickers. All the way amazing, all the way impressed! Going to do the harness purchase/ training next.

lacy young

Very good quality and wonderful follow up and training workflow. It’s not a fast process but Taika looks forward to his training (and treats) every day and even does some of the tricks randomly now to get our attention. So fun and recommend to anyone looking to strengthen their bond with their cat and to offer a more enriched life for any cat living a mostly indoor life.

Rebecca Sweetman

I cannot recommend this training more!! Initially, I didn’t know how my kitty Walnut would respond but decided to give it a go. Well, turns out he LOVES Cat School. The second I get out my training tools, he comes running! Julie is an amazing teacher and breaks down the training step-by-step. She’s also extremely responsive if you have any questions. Prior to Cat School, I could tell Walnut was becoming bored and starting to manifest his boredom in negative behaviors. Cat School has been the perfect training to keep him challenged and expend some of his energy in a positive way. In just 3 weeks of school, he’s turned into such a sweet and polite 6 month old! I think it’s equally as fun for us humans too!! I look forward to it every day. 🙂


Thank you Julie the cat teacher for the amazing online course in training your cat!

The course has really been a positive experience. With out it I wouldn’t have started to train my cat. And my cat, Nipa, he absolutely loves catschool. He begs for training by jumping up on the work desk next to the closet where I keep the training tools. And immediatly starts purring when we train.

Cat school has strengthened the bond between me and my cat. It is nice to do activities with your cat together that stimulate you both.

With out the support from cat school I would never have been able to train my cat to do such incredible tricks and I think there is no limit in what he could learn!

I encourige you all to train your cats! When you join cat school you you get a clicker and a target stick and access to the online course where is clear instructions on how to use the training tools and train your cat. And if you dont understand something you can always ask Julie the cat teacher, and she is there for you!

I truly think that my cat got talent after taking the course on cat school!

Thank you so much Julie and your assistent Jones!

With kind regards
Tiina and my cat Nipa
Instagram: @my.cat.got.talent

Tiina and my cat Nipa

Been training my dog to do several tricks and my cat has shown interest. Been training my dog on home-made jumps for agility maneuvers and my cat has shown interest.

Decided to purchase the cat school kit and I absolutely love it.

You can learn at your own pace.

Your trainer is always there for you if you have questions.

On Instagram we have a little community where we all share our progress and we learn from others.

I love the comcept, love the products.

Jessica-Jade Leduc

Excellent fun for humans and cats. I have two energetic intelligent MCO boys and this is a really good way to play and stimulate them. The lessons are good and it is nice to get personal help and and advice.


My cat, Ziggy, is a hyper intelligent and pretty mischievous boy. After the passing of his kitty companion, my beloved Marmalady, about six weeks ago, I knew that I wanted to give him some focus and also create a distraction for myself. I have to say that he totally loves our training sessions and I feel like it’s giving him a purpose and direction. I love them, too! I can’t wait for the upcoming lessons and I know he feels the same and our bond is stronger than ever! Thanks so much, Julie! xoxo

Christy Combs

Very easy to follow and clear step by step instructions. I also really like how once you buy it you are able to get help or trouble shoot what is going on through the website. Very happy I finally caved in and bought it!!


The Cat Training Kit by Cat School is absolutely amazing! Julie provides step by step instructions and videos to show you exactly how to train your cat to do a specific trick or skill. She also will give you feedback on any questions or issues that arise while you are training! My roommate and I have loved training our cat, Solomon, and Solomon is loving it too! I could not recommend the training kit more!!!

Taylor Klass

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Julie. I had no intention of getting the clickers she has or being a part of the class as it was more of a cat explorer meetup! Once I saw her teach Gibson how to give a high five in under 5 minutes, my jaw dropped. I was sold! Julie is quite knowledgeable in animal behaviour. Not only will she guide you on how to teach your cat tricks but she can also assist in training unwanted behaviours to more desired ones. Her Instagram also will show that she just as a huge heart for animals and you can see that this is her passion rather than her job. We love cat school and are so glad it helps Gibson to keep his mind busy – currently, he knows 10 tricks (sit, lay down, roll over left side/right side, high five left/right paw, kisses, stay, will jump to me from any surface, jumps on my feet, rings a bell, and has almost mastered the meercat!) None of this would be possible without Julie showing me all that Gibson can be capable of!


A brilliant training kit for your cat.
It’s got everything you need – good quality clicker and target stick, clear instructions and access to a brilliant online course. The support and knowledge is second to none – Julie really knows her stuff and is so helpful! Cat school is fab!

Nancy Priston

Very easy to use and follow. I can see a real positive change in my cats behavior since using this method of training. They are more well behaved and more affectionate. I would highly recommend this program to all. Thanks Julie and Jones!

Sue Knowski

Cat School is the best thing to happen to our cats since we adopted them! Working and training my cats has truly strengthened my relationships with them. Julie is an amazing teacher and I love that she is so responsive and helpful. Every step is described so well which makes it easy to easy to follow. This training kit is worth every penny. You and your cats deserve it!


I’m enjoying going through the course so much with my chonkster Charlotte. It’s been great to channel her energy and food motivation. The kit clickers are well-designed, and we especially like the target stick. The lessons and videos are well-detailed, and Julie is so responsive with questions! I really like the platform and engagement. I highly recommend this kit for your smarty cat!


I love this course, my cat and I have so much fun training together. Julie is quick in responding to questions and has valuable feedback. I recommend this for all cat lovers. Target stick and clicker are made of solid materials.

Meinke Klarenbeek

I started training with my kitten, Blu when he was only a few months old. The trainings are easy to follow and Julie is very responsive with questions! If you are willing to take the time to go through the trainings with your cat, it is well worth it!


I am so glad to have found Cat School! My cats picked up the tricks really quickly thanks to the very clear and detailed instructions, and Julie is always on hand to provide additional tips and advice whenever I get stuck. She’s also really attentive, and always ready to help when it comes to trick requests! Though my cats are what I consider to be mischievous at times, I have realised that they are really well-behaved compared to other cats, and can take instructions very well. I really credit this to Julie and Cat School!


Julie from Cat School has been great at giving advice on training both my cats. My cats can now respond to a range of commands, from sit, to fetch! Julie has also been super helpful in giving tips on specific tricks, which I really appreciate. They are really well behaved with training, and I can’t wait to get them to learn even more tricks with Cat School!


We first tried clicker training when we first adopted our cats – but had no success and gave up. A couple of years later we came across the Cat School program and gave it a go.
I have been blown away by how far our 2 cats have come and how it has helped improve their behaviour. Lumos now gives fist bumps, high fives, does spins, jumps and so much more. He looks forward to clicker training and is ready & sitting on his clicker training mat at 7 pm every day. Noxie, who doesn’t normally like treats, has shown that she is a pro too.
On top of that both Lumos and Noxie are better behaved, fight less & don’t destroy our furniture.
The Cat School program has also enabled us to develop a stronger bond with our kitties while having so much fun. It has also given us the knowledge to train them while walking them outside on a leash.
I can’t recommend the fun Cat School program enough.

Hasara Lay

Would 100% recommend to *any* cat owner! Cat School has a great social media presence – seeing the videos of all the cat students inspired me and Canicas the British Shorthair to try a high five… and now we’re working on jumps and spins and hopefully more agility type tricks! Having access to the course and more in-depth step by step explanations has totally been worth it.
It’s so nice to bond over something that isn’t just petting/cuddling or toy wand dangling… again, would definitely recommend 🙂

Mary Ann

I have I feaful and very skittish foster cat. She spend her first weeks in my home under the bathtub. I have for a vile clickertrain my resident cat who also was very fearful an skittish when she come to me. I see in both cats how klickertraining build there confidens. And with the foster cat it’s extremely clearly that klickertraining is a gamechanger. She have in less then two weeks gone from running away from me when she se me to coming towards me when I take iut the klicker.
Both cats love it and my resident cat demand we have a training session before bedtime. If we skip it she will let me know in a very loudly way. I also se on her that she gets more restless and she is more prone to make mischief if we haven’t done any training in a vile.
In the course you get all the tips and help you need to start klicker training with your cat, and if you need any advice or tips it will be just a keystroke avay.


Don’t know how the cats managed before we started clicker training! They think it’s SO much fun!! All tricks are so much fun and learning how to build them step by step to reach the task goal is so eye opening – understanding the logic makes me think I can teach the kitties everything now. And thanks for super helpful support along the way!????????????????❤️


When I started Cat School, my cat was impulsive, energetic, loving, and also bitey. She would get bored, become agitated, and bite my arms. It was super frustrating for me, because I love my cat, a lot, but I couldn’t figure out how to communicate with her – my first cat.
Cat School breaks down simple behaviors into easy, trainable, steps using natural behaviors to teach a variety of “tricks.” I found that with 15 minutes a day, my cat would settle down soon after. When I pull out the clicker, she immediately starts purring, and after I put it away, she’s usually ready for a nap.
My cat has also learned more self-control and Cat School has shown me how to communicate with her, encouraging her toward more desired behaviors, while burning off her extra energy doing something fun. Julie is also extremely generous with her time and passionate about animal behavior. I recommend this program to everyone!


I have been working through cat school with my cat Mayer for about a year now. From the nail trim course to the training course, Julie and Jones offer an amazing way to build a bond between you and your cat. Her social media also offers tips and new tricks and she is always so helpful when training. Cat School has provided a way for me, my fiancé, and our cat to bond and feel like a family. Training is a fun way for Mayer to get the attention he craves and exercise he needs.
If you have any behavior that you wish your cat wouldn’t do, the solution is cat school. Through this positive reinforcement method you will find both you and your cat living happier lives together and sealing your bond with your cat.

Keri F

I have a very (very, very) active Savannah cat. Julie’s course is an excellent guide on how to use fun and engaging tricks to help relieve some of that energy. She is always quick to help when you’re stuck, and helps you find ways to challenge your cat while achieving personal goals.
Julie has also been integral in helping with my cat’s various undesirable behaviors, and has taught me ways of using the clicker that I had never considered before.
Julie’s course is a gift to kitties everywhere, and is the best enrichment they could ask for. It’s fun and keeps you motivated to teach your cat more tricks!

Kristin Hulzinga

I have a very active cat – we believe he is part Bengal- and we struggle to give him enough activity, even with regular play and a feline friend. The cat behaviorist at our vet office suggested clicker training, which is how we found Cat School.
While play stimulates my cat physically, training stimulates him mentally- I feel like I can see him thinking when we are working on a new behavior together. Cat School has helped me to give my cat what he needs – more stimulation and attention – in a different way than regular play. After just a few minutes (5-10) my cat is calmer and more content.
In addition, the teacher of cat school has answered questions and been very responsive. I appreciate her knowledge and passion for feline wellness 🙂

Meghan Thiel

This has been awesome. My cat and I love training together; he can fist bump, jump, spin…all kinds of things now. The lessons are clear and have worked really well for us, but Julie is incredibly responsive when people have challenges. She helped us transition to using dry food for training and it’s been great. On top of that, once you have the foundation of the lesson, you can add on with freebies from social media and still receive support for those lessons. Would absolutely purchase again!


You’ll be so amazed when your cat starts doing tricks that you never imagined they’d do! My kitty is extremely food/treat motivated, and it’s been wonderful to see our bond strengthen while doing the exercises that Julie gives. Sign up for her nail clipping course too! I was able to clip my kitty’s front claws because of it! Sooo happy and grateful we came across Cat School! Paws up from me and my kitty!

Amy Y.

This is the best and easiest training course I have come across! Great value and applicable for cats & dogs. The target stick is a game changer. Training to me is not about getting an animal to perform tricks, but giving them varied mental and physical stimulation. A good training session tires out my very active Bengal cat as much as a supervised hour long adventure outdoors. Highly recommend.

Adventure CATsultant

this cat school program is just amazing!

Leah McGarvey

There is a ton of info all on the web for cat training, but Cat School has it all organized with what to focus on first. Also, and maybe more importantly, Julie is amazingly active and helpful with any issue you have. It’s like having your own personal professional cat trainer to help troubleshoot any issues that come up!

Kevin M.

Cat School is everything I hoped it’d be and more! My cat loves it, gets engaged in all the lessons and activities, and I 100% believe it strengthens our bond, and ups the time we spend interacting with each other each week. It’s also a great feeling when you master a specific behavior that they had no previous pattern or cue associated with, and then they can do it on command – seeing the learning process happen is just really cool and rewarding. Julia is great as a resource too – knowledgeable, super responsive on the platform, encouraging and appreciative. 5 stars A+ recommend this to ANY cat parent!

Michael F.

I recently purchased the clicker training kit and online courses and am very glad I did! Peeta and I both love it and have so much fun! It’s a learning experience for both of us, but I can already see the results. She’s more confident around strangers, and even seems interested in going outside, so I’ll have to start some harness training soon!
Looking forward to it!!

Angelique C.

Cats are highly trainable…. But there is a learning process for both cat and owner. This school unlocks that magic and its fun!

Kipsan B.

We are loving the clicker training. We are trying to take it slow with the training from the book but we plan on returning to cat school once it’s completed.

Alexandra S.

Great video tutorials, fast feedback from teachers

Amanda C.

My kitten and I have been loving Cat School! It’s healthy for her physically and mentally. It’s also really helped our bonding with one another. I’m a feline veterinarian about I recommend cat school to my clients.

Dorothy C.

I purchased the kit thru Amazon and I am entitled for one month free of tutorial which ends March 5th. My plans for my cat Minou have not yet been defined but I am planning on doing so in the next few days.
I have not used the class school a lot but what I read was helpful. I will definitely use the program for a while!

Marie L.

I just started with cat school with my 2 8 month “kittens “
Now I understand the power of treats.
They love their training sessions
The program is very well laid out and the videos clarify any uncertainty
My kitties are mastering sitting for a treat and becoming accepting of touch as well as paw touching the cup
Thanks cat school

Jill G.

Xena and Hercules have been enrolled for a month. I can now give them a bath without them screaming and clawing. I can now brush their teeth every night. Our chubby one is now learning to hunt for his food after the wet food in the morning so every few hours, he does not pester me for food; I love that he has to earn it. The ideas for training multiple cats are great. I am recognizing it is important to work with them a few minutes every day. Thank you

Deborah A.

I absolutely love the clicker I purchased from Cat School Training and the free one-month enrollment in the online training program has been priceless. I will absolutely be continuing my membership as the value is amazing!

Maria M.

I can’t recommend Cat School enough! The tutorials are very helpful and break everything down in very easy and actionable ways. Julie has all the lessons organized in a road map so students can easily navigate everything with no questions about the progression from one skill to the next.

I also appreciate that she is always there to provide feedback on your training, so if you’re having trouble with something, you can post a video, describe your issue, and she will give you personalized help.

She also does monthly live Zoom trainings, which are incredibly helpful and SO much fun. I love getting to see everyone and their kitties. It gives the group a great sense of community.

Emily H.

We love Cat School and Julie is so generous and helpful in answering any questions we have quickly and thoroughly in ways that really make a difference. So glad we joined!

Kathleen A.

My kitten and I LOVE Cat School and clicker training. I never had any idea that cats could be trained until I happened to discover Cat School. The extensive video library and the individual feedback from Julie the Cat Teacher are incredible. Having access to an experienced animal behaviourist is a totally different situation than just reading a book about how to train a cat.

Lynn P.

Great resource for cat training. I do get a bit confused with the courses tho. I dont if theres a order that I should follow tho. Maybe thats just me 🙂 Overall great courses and the teacher alsways replies to my comments pronptly.

Esther Andrade

Me and my cats really enjoy Cat School!


I have had nothing but a positive experience with the cat school since starting the course. I hesitate to call this a course because it is more of a community and reading the posts from others only helps to reinforce the training. My cats are loving every minute of the course and the special bonding that has resulted from the daily training sessions. My cats are now conditioned to the training time and are waiting for the training to start 30 minutes before the time. I can honestly say that this has been an amazing experience and would recommend that anyone wanting to strengthen the bond you have with your cat. Additionally my cats are less bored throughout the day and it is a nice way to spend time with them outside of regular play sessions.

Darren Zap

This is a fantastic program and Julie sets the program up so its easy to follow and sets you up for success.

Leslie Miller

Easy to follow course. Had a great experience. Julie is an excellent teacher and is always on hand to answer questions and help you if needed. My kitten can now wear a harness, something I’m not sure I’d have been able to achieve without Cat School. Highly recommended.


Julie and Jones are such clear instructors. They make learning how to train cats so much easier and Julie is always quick to reply to questions and help with problems.

Deborah Olliff

My experience with the Cat School membership has been nothing but positive. Julie is a fantastic instructor that responds very promptly to all of one’s questions and progress. We definitely will continue for the months ahead!

Kalina Slavkova

I’m very happy with cat school’s system and support. Julie is a great teacher and always there to help with any questions or concerns about our cat, Mochi????????


I started with Cat School under its previous format and am liking this one even better. There is more engagement with fellow Cat School participants. We get to learn from each other as well as Julie.

Julie is very helpful and patient. The monthly price is reasonable for all that she offers. Not only do our cats get fun enrichment from her monthly challenges, but if our cats display some sort of odd behavior I know Julie will dispense wise advice to help (including helping know if we should visit our vet).

I highly recommend this fun and engaing resource.


Having been adventuring with cats since 2010 – I thought I already knew a lot about cat training, desensitisation & counter conditioning. But was pleasantly surprised to learn a lot of valuable information from cat schools membership – which helped improved an already good relationship with my cat. It’s so much more than just learning tricks too. Highly recommend for all cat lovers irrespective of their experience with cats. Love @bastfuriends (Tiktok & IG)


Me and my cat both love this training program! It has created a relationship deeper I knew was possible.


so far so good,and excited to keep going

Peggy Fuchs

I’m enjoying the experience so far.
Side note- I *love* the leash you make. The one that comes with the harness. Great length, not too long, slender design helps you manage the length with one hand or both, feels good in the hand, unique color. Before I used it I thought the hardware could be a little more solid (like the tightness of the clasp) but I really appreciate that its very light. And I haven’t had any problems with it unlatching or anything. 10 outta 10, baby! ???? ????

Alexandra Stoetzel

Course is broken down really well. Easy to find lessons that you want to work on first.

Any questions get answered right away and you can see other’s questions and answers which is very beneficial.

Love that I found this and that it will help my kittens act appropriately and also get the mental stimulation they need.


We are into our fifth month of trying to integrate a new rescue cat into our small condo, with one resident cat and two humans. I wish we had known about Julie, Jones and the Cat School back in May (when we didn’t know you could even clicker train cats). Before stumbling on the Cat School, we’d researched local behaviorists and found an industry that was heavy on drugging animals as a solution, and outlandishly expensive. We worked with a well-meaning few who weren’t that, but did not have anything like the Cat School’s excellent information delivery, comprehensive approach and Julie’s insights and responsiveness. This is an incredible resource.

Emily Brew


I think that the Cat School program that you created is phenomenal! I had tried in the past to self teach through books, and cat training is really not amenable to book learning. The video tutorials make all the difference, to see a professional and her cat in action.

The biggest issue I have is with myself, not putting in the consistent effort with my cat. He enjoys it and has made progress. He does high fives and low fives, and can jump over my leg and through the leg hoop. A dream goal would be fetch! I see other customers posting videos and questions, and I am so impressed with Julie’s responsiveness. I hope to get more motivated to practice new things consistently with my cat and expand on our repertoire.

This course is everything I had been wishing for – an accessible way to learn to train without going to professional school. So many cats and their people can benefit from this! I hope that Julie’s business will continue to grow, I think she found a major opportunity here. I am telling all of my cat friends to check out Cat School.

Eileen Wagner

We are very happy with The Cat Training Program. The clickers, especially the target stick, are great and very good quality. The cat knows what’s about to go down when I pull out the treat bag (it stays hidden when we’re not training). The lessons are well planned out so we can take it at our own pace. Also very happy with the excellent feedback that Julie provides. Very glad we bought this when we did.

Howard Pressburger

This is a great course for training your cat at home. The lessons are well-organized and easy to navigate. And you can work at your own pace. Also, having two different clickers (a small one and one attached to the target stick) is really helpful. Julie is very responsive, helpful, and encouraging with questions and videos. It is also very helpful to be able to watch other students’ videos of their training sessions to see how others address challenges they face, what questions they have (because I often have the same question), and how Julie responds to others. It is a fun little community.


We have a Savannah kitten who needs lots and lots of attention. This school is perfect for her and us to help keep her entertained and engaged!
The videos easy to follow and nicely organized!!
Julie is amazing!!

Kandice-Lee Doucette

I encountered new ideas to move my cats toward more cooperation during nail clipping that I would never have thought of on my own.


I would like to say that I really like the videos and tools. The clicker with the wand is very good. For some reason, the other clicker is too loud for my cat. It scares him despite covering with tape and putting in my pocket. I have noticed that my cat’s mood is more engaging since starting training. He is very food motivated and so he is picking up the hang of it. I do not know if I’ll ever get him to do all or even half of the tricks but even if we just practice the basic things, it has been a great investment. Highly recommend.

Wendy Carmona

It is an excellent experience for my cat, Savannah, and me! She is stimulated again and really looks forward to the daily training.
Highly recommended.

Sandra Faleris

We really enjoy the clicker training. It’s fun and it’s amazing that cat can be trained!


Fantastic! Julie is very helpful and responsive. The activities are very manageable both for humans and cats! Would highly recommend!

Claire Kilbride

I highly recommend Cat School to anyone with a kitten/cat!

The material is easy to understand for people with no experience of animal training and Julie is always on hand to offer advice if you need help.

She is an excellent teacher and it’s clear that she cares very much about all her students, both the humans and the kittens/cats!

She’s clearly very passionate about animal training and helping people realise their kitten’s/cat’s potential as well as helping them help their kitten/cat(s) overcome any behaviour problems they may have.

I’m currently doing the Clicking We Your Cat course with my kitten and within a few weeks they have learned so much already!

There is a variety of training material in the course from the practical to cute tricks, so your kitten/cat will learn a lot!

My kitten has great fun training and I’m having a great time helping them learn! 🙂


It’s great, we are progressing much faster than I expected and we are bonding too. Before the course I was quite stuck and not knowing how to proceed, now it all seems so simple. She is already wearing the harness ok and will be ready to try outside soon. It’s a bargain price too and I love seeing the other participants messages and progress videos.

Erin Prendergast

I definitely like using this in tandem with the normal training, but only once our kitty was used to the harness. I think it has clear guidelines and is super clear on ways to correct mistakes

Sara Miles

Items arrive quickly. Easy access to class and explanations are clear. I enjoy working with my cat. It also helps that she is food motivated. 😛 Great class.

Rudolph Gurtovnik

I imagine if I just tried to do this on my onw it would have been a total disaster. I feel more confident having Julie the cat teacher supporting me through the process!
thanks Julie!

Marie-Michèle Vaillancourt

Very easy to use, practical advises are given and the teacher answers in a very short time. I recommend it.


Just getting started with catschool training – and I (and my cat!) are loving it! I can already see that it’s making such a difference in her behaviour; less bored ‘acting out’! Really appreciate the high-quality and affirming support from Julie (and Jones) too!


I’m still early in the course, as I found it difficult to train two completely different cat personalities at once, but as we’re getting better, I can really tell it works! I love that the course gives us a chance to spend time together, keeps my cats stimulated, and it’s just adorable to watch them work for their treats. And they seem to enjoy it, they are excited when they see me bring the clicker and the pointer stick!
It is always an option to contact Julie, the trainer and author of the course, and get helpful hints from her. The method is presented clearly, with photos and videos, and great explanations. Recommended for all cat people!

Katarzyna Loskot

Yeah, Cat School can help you teach your cat tricks. But more than that, Julie’s approach to communication and incentives has helped me understand my beautiful cat better! The first couple of weeks I had him, I had to bundle him in a towel to trim his nails, which we both absolutely hated. It was so scary that I wept afterwards. But now, knowing that I can slowly, patiently introduce things and teach him to be comfortable is helping us both *trust* each other in an incredibly meaningful way. I am so grateful. I am learning so much about how to take care of a small creature in a loving, consensual way. Thanks, Julie and Jones!

Lore Stevens

While we’re still in the beginning stages of Cat School, Morris and I have found it to be such a great resource for managing behavior, learning new skills, and keeping each other entertained! Julie is active on the forum and answers questions quickly and thoughtfully. We can’t wait to learn all the skills!

Lauren Husting

This has been great. The opportunity to get questions answered and see other cat owner’s experiences is invaluable. Many of the concepts are similar to training dogs (which I have done) but cat training is a whole separate category! Love it!

Elizabeth Hamilton

I am enrolled in all of the offered Cat School courses. They are fantastic. Julie is a compassionate and thoughtful teacher, always ready to respond to questions and concerns with appropriate tips.

Anne Louise Genest

I ordered the clicker/course bundle for my new kitten. I have started with the first few lessons. Kitten is doing great, although I haven’t gotten around to recording any videos yet. Julie seems super responsive and the clickers work well. I am happy with this purchase!

Avital Pelakh

So far so good. I’ve enrolled my two cats in Cat School and so far they can touch the end of the target stick with their noses wherever the guide stick may be…looking forward to more days in Cat School! I hope to be able to brush their teeth and get them into their carriers for vet visits/travel some day!


I haven’t used it a lot but the few things we’ve done have been great! the lessons are super well explained and the clickers are great!


Julie and Jones are excellent teachers. I can’t say enough about how the Cat School resources have enriched our relationship with our new kitten. I highly recommend it.

Carolyn Mejia

I love this course and so does my cat! She is an older cat that we adopted a few months ago, and this has been a great way to bond with her. Also, Julie is absolutely amazing, and is so incredibly helpful and supportive!

Victoria Benner

I can definitely see improvements in my cats’ response to having their paws handled. I’m not yet at the stage where I can clip, though I suspect I will be able to do that very soon with one of my Tephie. Lassi needs more time, but we are getting there. A nice unanticipated result is that Tephie, who normally does not like being petted, is tolerating it more, and I am using the principles of counter-conditioning that I learned here to get my older cat to be more accepting of the younger ones. I would really recommend this course. Julie is always ready to answer my questions.

Swee Quek

For SURE the best money spent in 2020! Whether you have never trained a pet before, or are already an experienced trainer, you will learn a lot by tapping in to Julie’s experience and ideas! I am so impressed by the constant development of methods, step-by-step support and encouraging atmosphere. If you have a cat, this is a must-do, hands and paws down!

I always knew I wanted to train my cat, but I could never have hoped for such an impressive and user-friendly platform. Our cat clearly looks forward to training time, and it is a way for me to spend quality time and strengthen our bond. I am very thankful to Julie for her patience and encouragement, her consistency in answering questions in speed-of-light time, for the competitions on Instagram, and every new idea she is coming up with. Super happy to follow her and keep supporting her work!

I have known a few people tell me that they don’t have the time to read a training book, or navigate through hours of how-to videos, but the super-cool thing about how this cat school is structured, is that each module is extremely short. In 5 minutes you know what you have to do, and you can already try doing it! Still have doubts? Give it a shot and you won’t regret it!

Eleonora Frau

We are taking our time with this new behavior, slow and steady. I think it will be successful, though, as they are not afraid of the kitty holster harness vests, and are eager when they see them come out with the treats!

Deborah Olliff

Doing this course has been one of the best decisions I’ve made since adopting my first cat. I’ll admit, I was slightly skeptical at first (everyone told me, “You can’t train your cat! That’s crazy!”)… but WOW! Not only is it truly heart-warming and humorous to watch your cat do tricks, but the process has strengthened our bond tenfold. I began clicker training about a month after adopting my young cat, at a point where I was almost certain she didn’t like me and was fretting about our bond. But since starting training, she’s been approaching me of her own accord, sitting next to me while I work, and constantly wanting to interact.

The lessons are simple in a very helpful way, the instructions are easy to follow, and Julie is extremely responsive. It’s as if I were taking an actual online school course with a professor!

I could not recommend this course more!

Jacqueline Anders

This guide helped me get my kittens to wear their harnesses in just a few days! It also helped them to be comfortable with the Velcro sound. My kitty was running away every time I opened the harness. They now walk confidently inside WITH a leash too! There are super useful lessons that nobody else talks about pertaining to dealing with unforeseen distractions that come with the outdoors. We’re ready to go outside soon! Highly recommend!

Kristen Muha

We are super impressed with Julie and her almost immediate feedback on our progress. The kit is great with the two different clickers and our kitties are learning a lot. When they hear the treat container open or when I set their individual chairs out they come running, eager to start class! Or get treats. Hahaha. Looking forward to them learning more advance tricks and behaviors.

Deborah Olliff

I was looking for an easy to follow set of instructions to get started with clicker training – this was the perfect choice! The course is very well designed, all the steps are very clear, and Julie is always available to answer questions. I also found the user forum really helpful, since you can see the answers to other people’s questions.

Most importantly, it really makes a positive impact in my cat‘s life – going to school has helped manage her evening zoomies, she’s very eager to practice, and I can see she enjoys it.

It also brings me a lot of joy to see her daily progress, and to se her brain working to solve the challenges of the course.

I definitely recommend this course to everyone!

Rita Batista

Really enjoying it so far!
Very rewarding to see my cat progress and learn new skills.

Nicole Newbury

Juile, Thank you a lot for all of your help getting clicker train fun and useful!


So far my cat Kimble has learnt several behaviours and tricks and I’ve only been training for a few weeks. Julie goes over and above to encourage and help you progress with training tips and also has a wealth of information about cat wellbeing and health. Have already recommended this to my friends with cats, and will recommend to anyone looking to improve their relationship with their cat and enrich their lives!

Hayley Chan

I’ve only just started preparing to train, but am already blown away by the depth and clarity of information I can use to improve the quality of my cats’ lives. Julie is caring and responsive, and reading questions and updates from other students is helpful.


This course has what most online courses don’t. Customization! I have been using Clicking With Your Cat and Harnessed and Happy for a few months now and Nora (my skittish young cat) is responding really well. Since I joined these courses, I’ve switched Nora to healthier treats, taught her to be comfortable in a harness, taught her fist bumps, high fives, and jumps, and there is so much more. More importantly, I’m learning how to train, Nora’s body language, and to tailor my training to her. Julie is a huge help with this! When something confuses me or is challenging, I message Julie; she is patient and kind and helps me trouble shoot Nora’s difficulties and fears.

Srinidhi Murali

I am amazed at how much we both have learned allready how much it has increased our connection and bond to eachother. We still have much to learn and it is such a gift to be able to post a video and ask for help. Thank you Julie for a great course!

Madeleine Soder

Both of my cats – and me! – look forward to Cat School every day. The lessons and videos are fun and easy to follow, and when a cat is having problems with a behaviour or trick, Julie is brilliant in coming up with advice tailored to your own particular pupil. I’m amazed at what we’ve achieved in only a fairly short time!

Carina Sparshott

Cat school opened my eyes to so many aspects of training cats – food selection, body language, the importance of taking a step back and staying under the cat’s threshold; I’ve learned a lot!

I’ve been surprised with the efficacy of the program! Nora (my intelligent, restless kitten) seems to understand what I’m asking of her and I feel like we’re communicating more effectively. I’m more in tune with her body language and she will do anything for a treat and is a willing participant!

Julie’s support has been timely and thorough. She helps me decide when to move on to the next step of training and helps me adjust and tailor my training to Nora.

I’m so glad I signed up for this!

Srinidhi Murali

I recently signed up with my cat and training has been a blast. My cat get’s a lot of brain stimulation out of training and the communication between us has clearly improved as well. There is more back and forth of trying to understand one another.

The learning environment is nice, and video’s are available for the visual learners such as myself. You an mark a lesson as completed if your cat has mastered it, which is very satisfying!
Julie is very quick to respond to questions and videos of her students, and has been very helpful with my personal (more complicated) project of a medication ritual that isn’t even covered in the class. I have seen her help students with unusual behaviors or problems that prop up during some lessons, where her knowledge of cat behavior and knack for breaking things up in digestible chunks for cat and owner really shines.

I did notice the handy drawings she uses on her Instagram aren’t shown here, which I think would be a fun and useful addition to the lessons. The only real feedback I can think of is that for a lot of tricks the steps are very clearly laid out in the video, but what is missing is a quick checklist in the text. I’ve noticed that sometimes during training my cat progresses faster than I thought she would and suddenly I’m scrambling to the computer and skipping through a video to look for the next step with a frustrated cat staring at me. It would be a nice improvement to see added for quick on the fly references during the session, but it’s a minor thing that can be easily solved by me writing down the steps before starting a session.
The course is great and I would highly recommend it to any friends that are thinking of starting training with their cats!


I was struggling with getting my cat comfortable in his old harness and reached out to Julie to discuss if her kitty holster would be a better idea since it does not go over the head. She got back to me very quickly. After I had started the course she was extremely helpful and thorough in giving me instruction when I had any trouble with any of the steps. We are still in the process of working through the course but we have made SO much progress and my cats ru over to me when they see me take the harness out for training! I 100% recommend cat school and any of their courses, Julie is qualified and experienced and has so many amazing resources for people and their cats. Not to mention watching her and Jones demonstrate is incredible and so adorable, you can see how connected they are.
Thanks Julie, you are awesome! We can’t wait to sign up for our next course at cat school.

- Gen, Marvin & Sheamus

If you can’t afford to buy a plane ticket to have Julie fly out to train your kitty herself, this is pretty much the next best thing. Her training videos and notes are incredibly detailed, thorough and evidence based – clearly she knows what she’s talking about and is invested in your success. Thanks so much Julie for putting together this very helpful kit for feline enrichment!

Niki Malek

I love cat school! It’s been a really personal and great experience, and Walter, the new addition to our house hold loves it too!

India Barnardo

I enrolled in Catschool about 2 months ago and am very pleased with my purchase! The training course is organized through easy to follow step-by-step lessons and each lesson has a short video example.

I have been most impressed with the feedback component. Julie commits to responding to discussion posts and emails within 24 hours (and I’ve asked a lot of questions ????). She has taken time to answer each of my questions with thorough responses individualized to my situation. I also love that I can go at my own pace.


I have been training cats on and off for decades. Even though I haven’t been following the step-by-step classes, I have gained new insights into areas where I was having troubles I doing some focused, reading. I’m a firm believer that excellent Cat Training comes from excellent people training first. We need the skills to read our cats body language, to translate that into what they need and when, and then to deliver it with perfect timing and motivation.
My only wish would be for the curriculum to fast track to the cooperative care (toothbrushing), because this is what cats really need from us. The rest is just fun! That said, a lot of the fun stuff does bring you to the cooperative care. For example, getting your cat to lay on their side as a trick. It can also be used for various assessments, and even as a position for teeth cleaning. There is good value beyond what you might imagine in this Cat School.


Clicker cat school is incredible. My indoor cats love going outside.

Paulette B.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE cat school!! I am so impressed by the comprehensive curriculum, the online platform and Julie (and Jones’ 🙂 level of expertise. This is first rate experience. My kitten Linus and I are progressing through grade one and I am hoping to get some photos posted soon. Thank you for offering this excellent online school!!!

Dorothy & Linus

Working with our two-year-old Calico rescue is fun for me because I get to spend extra time with her but, she enjoys learning new things, too. I work with her a few minutes each day and little by little she is working through the program at her own pace.
Great activity for the cat and me.

Rita G.

My kittens absolutely love cat school. They get so excited when the clicker comes out. The hardest part is keeping them separated and entertained so I can work one-on-one with them until they are patient enough to work together. Hands down one of the best parts of our day.

Angel J.

Very good instructions, easy to follow, break steps down in small increments so it’s easy to build up my cat’s comfort level towards something bigger. Instruction videos are very helpful. I don’t use the community function as much because it can be overwhelming, but it’s just me.

Katherine Z.

With Julie’s videos, tips, and advice I was able to teach my cat high five, waving, stand on hind legs, lie down, roll over, jump through my arms, and more. It’s been a lot of fun for me and my cat. Our bond has certainly strengthened as a result of training and I feel delight all the time when I snap my fingers and he jumps into my lap or the chair next to me. I watched several youtube videos with tutorials on training cats before I found Cat School, and I can there there is no better course than Julie’s. I was happy to pay the monthly fee to have access to her personalized advice and have her watch videos of my training and provide input and trouble schooting. My cat wasn’t young when we started either! I adopted my cat when he was about a senior age (likely 8-10yo) and he’s probably in his early teens now and still learning new tricks.

Anelah M.

I have 4 cats, and have yet to be able to successfully introduce the 4th cat to the rest of the cat family, because there’s some tension and I want everyone to be on good behavior. I’ve read lots of cat books, watched lots of videos on YouTube, and talked with my vet about cat behavior and how to work on helping the cats to be ok around each other. Then I discovered Cat School on YouTube, and I started training with Charlie, and it was very helpful for him and his play aggression. Once a conflict started to ramp up between two of my other cats, I started to feel lost about what to do next, and I discovered Cat School’s online program. After talking with my husband, he said I should do it, so I signed up, and I’ve been working with 3 of my cats for a few weeks now. I’m seeing progress already, and I’m excited to keep going and seeing what clicker training can help me solve! And I love the support I’ve been getting with Cat School; it’s definitely been helpful for figuring out what kind of training to do to work towards cat family harmony. Thanks Cat School!

Heather S.

I’m still in the begging but I loved it!

Beatriz C.

I love Cat School !!! Julie’s videos and course material are very thorough. Everything is laid out in a very pedagogical manner, and it is relatively easy to find your way around the website. Julie is so knowledgable and always available to give one-on-one advice to help you overcome problems or obstacles of any size ! Training with my cat has strengthened our bond and made him so much more confident. Plus, it’s incredibly cute !

Anne D.

This is one of the most valuable tools I’ve ever signed up for. Thinking about what to train is often my biggest hurdle and the way this program is laid out keeps me from ever having to rack my brain on what’s next! It teaches great foundational skills but also just fun tricks and games to play with my feline companions. Julie is quick to reply to comments and genuinely seems to care about her clients and their cats! I recommend this program to anyone with a cat that is looking for a closer bond. It’s wonderful!

Meghan L.

Before CatSchool I was at my wit’s end trying to integrate a new rescue cat. CatSchool has given me a clear roadmap, and while there’s still a long way to go I can already see some progress. We’re also learning some fun tricks along the way and even my most reluctant cat has started joining in. It’s completely changed my perspective on what means to be a cat owner, and what they are capable of with a bit of time and lots of patience.

Kelsie P.

Very nice and informative

Norayr K.

Time well spent and worth it ! Just adopted 2 kittens, already had another older cat. The multiples cats section was truly helpful. It is a work in progress however and you can see the results pretty fast.

Melanie L.