Julie & Jones - woman with black cat riding on her shoulders
woman clicker training a cat who is standing on her balanced legs


I’m Julie, the Cat Teacher

Pictured here with me is my assistant, Jones. We’re into creating cat training tutorials that are fun and easy for EVERY cat to learn. With everything from training tools to step-by-step tutorials, we make the training process achievable and more joyful for you and your cat.

Our Story, so Far

Our Roots

Like many people who become professional pet trainers, my learning journey started with a “special” dog, who became my teacher. Tyson, a puggle, entered my life in 2004 and developed significant behavioral issues – lunging at children, biting skateboarders and fighting with other dogs. Each day, it became increasingly challenging to walk him in our busy downtown neighborhood. In a desperate search to find ways to burn his energy and improve his behavior, I stumbled upon clicker training, which I used to teach Tyson to be calm around his triggers.

Clicker training Tyson sparked my interest in a career in the pet industry, and I honed my skills by working as a professional dog walker and dog trainer at a local training school.

With a desire to further my academic education in behaviorology, I returned to school and earned my Master of Science in Cognitive and Behavioral Ecology at Memorial University in Newfoundland. Then, I became an Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (ACAAB).

black cat jumping over obstacle - Cat School

Then came Jones

A little black kitten who showed up at my doorstep sent me on a new path. Jones boldly explored the house, befriending our antagonistic dogs and our upstairs cat. Before long, Jones was following around his two canine companions, busting into their training sessions and stealing their treats. Although I had planned to foster Jones and find him a new home, I changed my mind; I was having too much fun clicker-training him.

Clicker training cats

When I saw Jones eagerly participating in our trick training, I was amazed by what a motivated and quick learner he was. Curious to see if this was just a Jones thing, I repeated this experiment with my other cat, Mackenzie, and she was equally enthusiastic. She became bolder and more confident, even in socializing with our dogs.

Once I saw what an enriching and beneficial activity clicker training was for my cats, I decided to create Cat School.

woman walking black cat on a harness and leash

The journey never ends. Join Us!

Cat School is built on a foundation that every indoor cat deserves to live an enriched life while at the same time becoming confident and comfortable with life events such as vet visits and moving. I became an animal behaviorist to share the most progressive science-based methods to improve the welfare of all animals.

Thousands of students have learned from our clicker training lessons and proven that cats are trainable and love the enrichment and activity that training provides. We can’t wait to see you show off all the skills and tricks your cat learns at Cat School. Happy Training!

Get ready for school!

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