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Before clicker training, if we didn’t go exploring every few days, our cat Lumos would get aggressive to our other cat Noxie and bully and bite her. Now with clicker training, the change in him has been remarkable. And I didn’t realize that cats could feel pride, but when he gets a trick right, he looks so proud. Clicker training has given me a closer bond with my cats and helped me learn more about them.

Hasara Lay

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Meet The Teacher

Applied Animal Behaviourist

Hi, I'm Julie, The Cat Teacher. This smart black cat is my student, Jones.

Three years ago, when I was working as a dog trainer, Jones showed up at my doorstep and decided that he fit right into our family. In his new home, he quickly befriended the two crankiest canines, snuck into their daily training sessions and demanded a turn. A couple of fist bumps later, it became clear that not only was he a fast learner, but he loved to study. I showed off a few of his homework assignments on Instagram and people all over the world started sending me messages, asking for help to train their cat. I created Cat School to help people enrich their cat's lives with clicker training.

Julie Posluns, Certified Applied Animal Behaviourist (ACAAB)

Julie Posluns

An Online Course That Has Everything You and Your Cat Need To Succeed.

I designed this course to make it easy for you and your cat to learn. Lessons are short and straightforward and I provide assistance in the classroom. With this program, every cat can graduate from Cat School.

* This course is included in the kit.

As Seen On

Emmylou and I are still working through the course, but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy watching videos of you and Jones!  It's wonderful to see such an intelligent, confident cat doing something he obviously enjoys.  Cat-human interaction is such an important component of keeping an indoor cat happy and healthy and Jones is a perfect ambassador for clicker training!  I've been recommending the course to many of my clients!

Annie King, Veterinarian (@emmylou_adventurecat)