What the FLOOF
is Cat School?!


 “I would love to spend my whole life looking out the window,”
said no cat ever. 

Bust your cat’s boredom and biting with Cat School.
Find out why over 1000 cat owners have turned to Cat School to bring activity to their cat’s day.
From trouble-maker to star student, every cat deserves to learn.


Cat School classes are fun and easy to follow. Support is always provided. All cats can learn!


Videos and written instructions for six fun and easy behaviours, explicitly selected for the beginner. Detailed instructions about training with rewards. In-class and email support provided. This course is FREE with purchase of The Cat School Training Kit


Regardless of whether you plan to walk your cat on a leash, being comfortable and confident in a harness is a skill every cat should learn. We can’t wait to see your cat harnessed and happy. This course includes unlimited email support.


Clipping your cat’s nails need not be a near-death experience for either of you. Using the principles of desensitization, handling your cat’s paws and achieving nail trim success is within your reach. This course includes unlimited email support.


Improve your clicker training skills by building a chain of behaviours that your cat does on cue. Recommended for anyone who wants to achieve a secret pawshake and become a better trainer. This course includes unlimited email support.

Notes from the Graduates


“Best thing I have ever done!”

Registering FoyFoy to Cat school was the best thing I have ever done! While I have a pretty busy schedule (joys of student life!) I know we both really enjoy our practice times !! :)

So far he knows how to sit, stay, look at me before he can eat, weave between my legs and ring a bell ! We're working on the pawshakes and I cannot wait to assemble it together !!

Thank you for the awesome opportunity !

– Cheyenne and FoyFoy


“My cat is a lot more confident”

As a First Time cat owner, Julie has helped me through many stages of my kittens life. Initially it was just limited to her knowledge of clicker training. But soon, I started to need help getting my little boy used to scary new sounds and environments. Julie has helped me learn to introduce him to new things in a controlled way which allows him to build confidence in himself.

– Ryan and Gregory


“You’ve changed my entire relationship with my cat.”

Since starting Cat School, Ellie and I have bonded and have become closer-- Some of my favorite moments of the day is when she successfully completes a lesson. You can tell she is also more confident through-out the day. I am filled with lots of joy and pride; thus I've been taking video of her and wow-ing all my friends and teaching them that: YES! It is possible to clicker train a cat!!  I want to continue growing and learning with my precious Ellie. Thank you Jones and Julie!! You've changed my entire relationship with my cat, for the better.

– Courtney and Ellie

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