welcome to Cat School

I'm Julie, the head clicker trainer at Cat School. I have an M.Sc. in Animal Behavior and I love clicker training cats. 

Cat School was built on the foundation that cats deserve to benefit from the mental and physical stimulation that clicker training provides. It's a misconception that cats don't respond to training. In fact, most people are surprised how quickly their cat learns and how eager they are to participate.


Start clicker training your cat with my FREE 7-DAY COURSE:

Clicking With Your CAT

In this course you will learn:

  • To use the clicker to train your cat.
  • To use food to train your cat.
  • To teach ALL these behaviours: Come, Finger target, Jump through Arms, Fist bump and Wave.

I really want clicker training your cat to be fun, easy, and enjoyable for both you and your cat!

This course will help you do that. Plus, itโ€™s FREE! So letโ€™s go on this clicker training adventure together.

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