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Thousands of cat lovers turn to Cat School for our simple step-by-step tutorials and advice. Our membership is packed with practical skills, fun training and guidance for solving behaviour issues. PLUS the support you need to ensure you and your cat achieve your full potential.

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Join the Cat School membership and get immediate access to our comprehensive library of online programs in a supportive learning environment. The Cat School curriculum is the most comprehensive resource for clicker training cats. Whether you want to teach your cat practical skills, tricks or understand how to use the clicker to solve problem behaviors: we've got you covered. The curriculum also focuses on guiding cat guardians on the journey to leash walking their cat. You'll be able to ask questions, share your training accomplishments and get feedback from the teacher, an applied animal behaviorist.

Introduction to Cat Training

Learn about the different methods we use to train cats and start your foundation training. Plan your training sessions for success, including how to work with multiple cats. We even have a section on what to work on while you wait for your tools.

Clicking With Your Cat

Our signature course, this program was designed to give you everything you need to successfully clicker train your cat. Our step-by-step lessons make it easy to learn.


Tricks provide the daily enrichment cats need. It's good to have one trick you are working on. Pick one and get started.

Harness training and Leash Walking

From introducing your cat to a harness to understanding how to get your cat outdoors, you will find everything you need to get your cat outside safely.

Cooperative Care

In this section, you will find a comprehensive training plan for improving your cat's response to nail trims, teeth brushing, and general handling.

Solving Behavior Issues

One of the goals of cat training is to improve your cat's behavior (not just fun tricks, right?). That's why we have a comprehensive section on solving behavior issues.

Fast Support Guaranteed

Imagine having an applied animal behaviorist at your fingertips. Now you can. Julie is committed to knowing where her students get stuck so she can help them move forward and create better resources to increase cat training success worldwide. 

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