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Cat School's Clicker Training Tools

Cat's School Clicker Training ToolKit includes all the tools you need to start training your cat. 

What you get:

  • A quiet clicker suitable for cats
  • An all in one telescoping target stick with a clicker to make it easier to train
  • An illustrated quick-start guide book

Created by an animal behaviorist and tested by cats worldwide.

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Switzerland Switzerland
Very useful tool

We have two seven-months old male cats who live inside. Both are playful and curious and need a lot of activity. First, I only wanted to leash-train them and thus ordered the Clicker-package, but there is so much more to clicker training! I‘m very pleased. It was wrapped ecologically and beautifully and I love the little bag the clickers came in. It took a bit of a learning curve how to use it (I’m a new cat mom and don‘t have loads of cat knowledge, but the friend with which I live has a lot), however the booklet and Julie’s videos instruct you very well. Our cats reacted fast and positively. I think this is because they enjoy a couple of extra snacks, not just the activity. Since winter is approaching and we can’t go outdoors anymore, it is becoming almost a daily routine to train the high-five . We‘re training more with the regular clicker (not the pointer-stick) as of yet, but I‘m sure we‘ll come to that soon.

Nicole S.
Canada Canada
Should have purchased sooner!

I know I could have jut gone out and bought a standard clicker to start with, but I love how this one comes with the target stick as well as they make it super easy for you to just hop right in and start. Not to mention its all cat specific, since most resources out there talk about training dogs.

Natasha G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Game Changer!

Having the pointer stick has been a huge improvement on just using my finger, I don’t know why but Fred does seem to enjoy it more! Also the tip of looking at it and leaning towards it has helped too. I’m really having with fun with it and so is Fred

Chung L.
Australia Australia
First trial of cat training

I just received the training tools for a week, and now start training for our two five months old kittens. Both of them had positive responses, when I clicked, both of them will come to me. For instance, one kitten hidden behind the TV, we cannot get her out. Finally, the kitten come out by itself after she heard the click sound.

United States United States
Great tools to teach my cats some tricks

We got this cat school clicker training kit for Christmas 2020, and began using it right away. The guide is very easy to follow, and tools are sturdy and easy to use. Our younger, more food driven cat is very eager and happy to follow the instructions. For our older cat we have to make sure she is hungry and in playful mood before clicker training. We really enjoy seeing our cats so engaged, and they are happy to get the extra attention. Great product, would recommend!