woman teaching the cat fist bump to a black cat

How to Teach the Cat Fist Bump

If you’re looking for a fun and easy trick to teach your cat, the cat fist bump is perfect! Since creating this cat fist bump tutorial, hundreds of cats have learned to perform this trick using our method. We know your cat can learn too. Let’s start training!

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Cat Training Tools Needed

  • A small, light container. A glass cup may frighten your cat when it flips over, and if the cup is too big, your cat may use their face instead of their paw to get the treat.
  • Small, high-value treats. If you feed your cat a dry food diet, consider switching your cat to a moisture-rich food, and use the dry food for training.
  • A cat clicker. A clicker is a little device that makes a clicking sound. We use it as a marker to tell the cat they performed the behavior correctly, and a treat is coming. We provide all the necessary school supplies in our training kit*. While you wait for your supplies, substitute the clicker with the verbal cue, “YES!”.

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How to Teach Your Cat to Fist Bump

Step 1: Teach your cat to paw target the cup.

When your cat is attentive, place the treat in the cup container. As soon as your cat uses their paw to get the treat out, click (or say, “YES!”) and feed your cat the reward.

Step 2: Teach your cat to paw target the cup as you hold it.

Repeat Step 1 while holding the cup in your hand.

Step 3: Teach your cat to paw target your hand.

Cover the cup with your hand. Click (or say, “YES!”), then reward when your cat’s paw targets your hand instead of the cup. Repeat without the food in the cup.

Step 4: Remove the cup.

Remove the cup and turn your hand into a fist. Click (or say, “YES!”), then reward when your cat’s paw targets your hand.

Cat Fist Bump Training Tutorial

Teaching your cat to fist bump is a fun way to engage with them and provide them with an enriching activity. If you’re looking for help and feedback on your training, or maybe even more tricks to teach your cat, we recommend enrolling in Cat School