The Cat School Membership

Purchase a subscription to Cat School to access online courses, community, and one-on-one support. Work at your own pace to teach your cat practical skills, tricks and get support for solving problem behaviors like counter-jumping and improving cat-cat interactions. Ready to safely take your cat outside? Follow our harness training and leash walking lessons. 

This is a subscription item that renews monthly from date of purchase. You can cancel anytime.

Recommended add-on:

The toolkit includes a clicker, target stick and an illustrated training booklet.

Students who purchase kits on amazon can reach out to activate their 30-day trial to school.

Training Your Cat Is Easier Than You Think!

Thousands of cat lovers turn to Cat School for our simple step-by-step tutorials and advice. Our membership is packed with practical skills, fun training and guidance for solving behaviour issues. PLUS the support you need to ensure you and your cat achieve your full potential.

What do I get when I join the membership?

Join the Cat School membership and get immediate access to our comprehensive roadmap to train your cat in a supportive learning environment. Starting with an Orientation, you'll work through five grades of Cat School, the most comprehensive resource for clicker training cats. Whether you want to teach your cat practical skills, tricks or understand how to use the clicker to solve problem behaviors: we've got you covered. There is also a course focusing on guiding cat guardians on the journey to leash walking their cat. You'll be able to ask questions, share your training accomplishments and get feedback from the teacher, an applied animal behaviorist.

Fast Support Guaranteed

Imagine having an applied animal behaviorist at your fingertips. Now you can. Julie is committed to knowing where her students get stuck so she can help them move forward and create better resources to increase cat training success worldwide. 

Meet Your Teachers

I'm Julie, the cat teacher, and this is my assistant, Jones. Our goal is to create cat training tutorials that are fun and easy for EVERY cat to learn. Thousands of students have learned from our clicker training lessons and proven that not only are cats trainable but that they love the enrichment and activity that training provides. We can't wait to see you show off all the skills and tricks your cat learns at Cat School.

Julie Posluns, Applied Animal Behaviourist (ACAAB)

Frequently Asked Questions

Cats of all ages can learn from Cat School. As long as your cat is food-motivated, you can train them as early as 8 weeks and any age above that.

Within Cat School we offer methods to working in multi cat households. Included in the course is support from cat teacher Julie in case you're having any issues.

As long as your cat is motivated for their food, you can train with that. There is a comprehensive section in the course on using food rewards for training to help you find food your cat will work for.

This program is for any cat lovers who would like to build a better relationship with their cats, have some fun, and help reduce unwanted behaviour. Designed by a certified applied animal behaviorist, the training provided is based on scientific methods of learning. Finally, you can ignore the bad advice on the internet and learn proper training techniques. You can preview the course by watching this video.

You will be billed once a month on the date that you initially signed up.

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Every customer who places a subscription order can view and edit their subscription at their customer portal. This is accessed through a link contained in every subscription email or through this page.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by cancelling through the same customer portal. 

You bet! Cat School runs through Mighty Networks, which delivers the content through both iOS and Android.