I have 4 cats, and have yet to be able to successfully introduce the 4th cat to the rest of the cat family, because there’s some tension and I want everyone to be on good behavior. I’ve read lots of cat books, watched lots of videos on YouTube, and talked with my vet about cat behavior and how to work on helping the cats to be ok around each other. Then I discovered Cat School on YouTube, and I started training with Charlie, and it was very helpful for him and his play aggression. Once a conflict started to ramp up between two of my other cats, I started to feel lost about what to do next, and I discovered Cat School’s online program. After talking with my husband, he said I should do it, so I signed up, and I’ve been working with 3 of my cats for a few weeks now. I’m seeing progress already, and I’m excited to keep going and seeing what clicker training can help me solve! And I love the support I’ve been getting with Cat School; it’s definitely been helpful for figuring out what kind of training to do to work towards cat family harmony. Thanks Cat School!