I recently signed up with my cat and training has been a blast. My cat get’s a lot of brain stimulation out of training and the communication between us has clearly improved as well. There is more back and forth of trying to understand one another.

The learning environment is nice, and video’s are available for the visual learners such as myself. You an mark a lesson as completed if your cat has mastered it, which is very satisfying!
Julie is very quick to respond to questions and videos of her students, and has been very helpful with my personal (more complicated) project of a medication ritual that isn’t even covered in the class. I have seen her help students with unusual behaviors or problems that prop up during some lessons, where her knowledge of cat behavior and knack for breaking things up in digestible chunks for cat and owner really shines.

I did notice the handy drawings she uses on her Instagram aren’t shown here, which I think would be a fun and useful addition to the lessons. The only real feedback I can think of is that for a lot of tricks the steps are very clearly laid out in the video, but what is missing is a quick checklist in the text. I’ve noticed that sometimes during training my cat progresses faster than I thought she would and suddenly I’m scrambling to the computer and skipping through a video to look for the next step with a frustrated cat staring at me. It would be a nice improvement to see added for quick on the fly references during the session, but it’s a minor thing that can be easily solved by me writing down the steps before starting a session.
The course is great and I would highly recommend it to any friends that are thinking of starting training with their cats!