I think that the Cat School program that you created is phenomenal! I had tried in the past to self teach through books, and cat training is really not amenable to book learning. The video tutorials make all the difference, to see a professional and her cat in action.

The biggest issue I have is with myself, not putting in the consistent effort with my cat. He enjoys it and has made progress. He does high fives and low fives, and can jump over my leg and through the leg hoop. A dream goal would be fetch! I see other customers posting videos and questions, and I am so impressed with Julie’s responsiveness. I hope to get more motivated to practice new things consistently with my cat and expand on our repertoire.

This course is everything I had been wishing for – an accessible way to learn to train without going to professional school. So many cats and their people can benefit from this! I hope that Julie’s business will continue to grow, I think she found a major opportunity here. I am telling all of my cat friends to check out Cat School.