When I started Cat School, my cat was impulsive, energetic, loving, and also bitey. She would get bored, become agitated, and bite my arms. It was super frustrating for me, because I love my cat, a lot, but I couldn’t figure out how to communicate with her – my first cat.
Cat School breaks down simple behaviors into easy, trainable, steps using natural behaviors to teach a variety of “tricks.” I found that with 15 minutes a day, my cat would settle down soon after. When I pull out the clicker, she immediately starts purring, and after I put it away, she’s usually ready for a nap.
My cat has also learned more self-control and Cat School has shown me how to communicate with her, encouraging her toward more desired behaviors, while burning off her extra energy doing something fun. Julie is also extremely generous with her time and passionate about animal behavior. I recommend this program to everyone!