I have I feaful and very skittish foster cat. She spend her first weeks in my home under the bathtub. I have for a vile clickertrain my resident cat who also was very fearful an skittish when she come to me. I see in both cats how klickertraining build there confidens. And with the foster cat it’s extremely clearly that klickertraining is a gamechanger. She have in less then two weeks gone from running away from me when she se me to coming towards me when I take iut the klicker.
Both cats love it and my resident cat demand we have a training session before bedtime. If we skip it she will let me know in a very loudly way. I also se on her that she gets more restless and she is more prone to make mischief if we haven’t done any training in a vile.
In the course you get all the tips and help you need to start klicker training with your cat, and if you need any advice or tips it will be just a keystroke avay.