We first tried clicker training when we first adopted our cats – but had no success and gave up. A couple of years later we came across the Cat School program and gave it a go.
I have been blown away by how far our 2 cats have come and how it has helped improve their behaviour. Lumos now gives fist bumps, high fives, does spins, jumps and so much more. He looks forward to clicker training and is ready & sitting on his clicker training mat at 7 pm every day. Noxie, who doesn’t normally like treats, has shown that she is a pro too.
On top of that both Lumos and Noxie are better behaved, fight less & don’t destroy our furniture.
The Cat School program has also enabled us to develop a stronger bond with our kitties while having so much fun. It has also given us the knowledge to train them while walking them outside on a leash.
I can’t recommend the fun Cat School program enough.