I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Julie. I had no intention of getting the clickers she has or being a part of the class as it was more of a cat explorer meetup! Once I saw her teach Gibson how to give a high five in under 5 minutes, my jaw dropped. I was sold! Julie is quite knowledgeable in animal behaviour. Not only will she guide you on how to teach your cat tricks but she can also assist in training unwanted behaviours to more desired ones. Her Instagram also will show that she just as a huge heart for animals and you can see that this is her passion rather than her job. We love cat school and are so glad it helps Gibson to keep his mind busy – currently, he knows 10 tricks (sit, lay down, roll over left side/right side, high five left/right paw, kisses, stay, will jump to me from any surface, jumps on my feet, rings a bell, and has almost mastered the meercat!) None of this would be possible without Julie showing me all that Gibson can be capable of!