Thank you Julie the cat teacher for the amazing online course in training your cat!

The course has really been a positive experience. With out it I wouldn’t have started to train my cat. And my cat, Nipa, he absolutely loves catschool. He begs for training by jumping up on the work desk next to the closet where I keep the training tools. And immediatly starts purring when we train.

Cat school has strengthened the bond between me and my cat. It is nice to do activities with your cat together that stimulate you both.

With out the support from cat school I would never have been able to train my cat to do such incredible tricks and I think there is no limit in what he could learn!

I encourige you all to train your cats! When you join cat school you you get a clicker and a target stick and access to the online course where is clear instructions on how to use the training tools and train your cat. And if you dont understand something you can always ask Julie the cat teacher, and she is there for you!

I truly think that my cat got talent after taking the course on cat school!

Thank you so much Julie and your assistent Jones!

With kind regards
Tiina and my cat Nipa