I work at a Fear Free Vet Clinic and talk to clients constantly about positive training for dogs. I’ve known that you could clicker train a cat and even managed a few tricks with my smartest cat Ben. (We read the Clicker Training book together.). However, I never knew how to build up to more complicated tricks. I stumbled upon this training course by accident, and it was an impulse buy. Ben’s godchild Paige is smart, but a nervous Nelly. I had tried clicker training with her, but she got so scared at times, that we had to quit. Now, with Julie’s steps, she looks forward to training every morning for her breakfast. It’s been a wonderful bonding experience for us. Plus, since my senior cat needs private time to eat her prescription food, she gets to eat in peace while Paige goes to school. I don’t completely agree with Julie’s nutrition advice as a veterinary professional, but I can heartily endorse her positive training techniques and the way it improves the bond you can have with your furry Boss.