We have two seven-months old male cats who live inside. Both are playful and curious and need a lot of activity. First, I only wanted to leash-train them and thus ordered the Clicker-package, but there is so much more to clicker training! I‘m very pleased. It was wrapped ecologically and beautifully and I love the little bag the clickers came in. It took a bit of a learning curve how to use it (I’m a new cat mom and don‘t have loads of cat knowledge, but the friend with which I live has a lot), however the booklet and Julie’s videos instruct you very well. Our cats reacted fast and positively. I think this is because they enjoy a couple of extra snacks, not just the activity. Since winter is approaching and we can’t go outdoors anymore, it is becoming almost a daily routine to train the high-five ????. We‘re training more with the regular clicker (not the pointer-stick) as of yet, but I‘m sure we‘ll come to that soon.