The clicker and target stick in themselves are the nicest ones I’ve seen for cats. The small clicker is quiet enough for indoor use. The booklet has super clear and concise instructions for a number of basic behaviors.

But the huge value here is enrolling in cat school. When I enrolled, not knowing how useful it was going to be, I felt like the price of the kit and the classes was expensive. Now, I think it’s an amazing bargain.

About the online classes the online lessons and progression are super clear. I keep thinking I’ll submit more videos with questions, but when I review what other people have submitted and read Julie’s feedback, all my questions are answered.

Even my big aggressive grumpy cat just purrs through every session. And my good-natured kittens are just eating up the information. And (one more cat) my super shy older girl is coming out of her shell more and I can trim her nails now.

The system is is as Julie says, a way to improve your relationship with your cats. And that’s worth a lot!