We have 3 cats, and when I realized one of them would go through a play tunnel on command, I decided to look up on YouTube the best way I could train her, which is how I found Cat School!

At first I thought our 1st cat would be the only one who would be trainable, but after a couple weeks of training with the clicker, all 3 of them have picked up on it extremely well!!!!

We train for 5-10min, 2 times a day, and it’s been less than 1 month since I started them on it. They love it and have been noticeably happier since we started doing it! Our youngest cat used to get bored a lot and jump on the bookshelf and scratch at pictures on the wall for attention, but since I’ve started training with them, she has stopped doing that completely.

Anyone who thinks their cats can’t be trained is probably wrong!! I thought one of our cats would never understand, but after only a week or so of training the other two, he was picking up on it too! Now they all sit and stay politely in their own parking spots while taking turns going through the tunnels.

The booklet that comes with the clickers is extremely helpful, after reading through it once it helped me a lot with understanding the best ways to train our cats. Now that they’ve gotten the hang of staying on their Parking Spots when they’re supposed to, and going through tunnels when I ask, I can’t wait to start teaching them some new tricks! Thank you!!!