There are other videos. When my old cat passed away, my niece turned up here with a feral cat I mean feral I don’t mean a stray cat. I mean a wild animal. He was four months old that’s past the window for socializing, feral kittens. I knew NOTHING about it. After 3 more months, on my hands and knees with chicken and turkey between my fingers, trying to charm him out from under the bed or under the couch, I got in touch with different people like Julie. I never wanted to live with an unfriendly cat, but my niece does trap altar and release and she wanted to spare these kittens a nasty winter. Someone gave me the idea of feeding him under my knees, and that began our relationship. He learned to ring a bell from me watching Julie and to tolerate a halter and collar, but I stopped, because I’m not gonna take him out at this point. He plays cups and other thinks. The most important thing is that we form the bond, and he never sleeps with me and gets in my lap, and there’s all kinds of things that he was not doing. Julie has been VERY valuable to us and I just joined and sent for her cute little clicker. ❤️