Snuffle Mat

A snuffle mat is a food toy that engages cats’ powerful sense of smell as they 'snuffle' their way through mealtime or snacks! Built to stimulate cats’ natural foraging instincts by mimicking the hunt for food in grass and fields, a snuffle mat will feed your cat's belly and brain.

Sizing: 12" x 17" 

**Shipping to USA only**

Why would I use a snuffle mat for my cat?
The Snuffle Mat is a great way to turn meal or snack time from a quick, mindless chow down into an interactive and engaging experience. The long, grass-like strands encourage your cat to search for food, mimicking a natural hunting experience. Feline behaviorists recommend food foraging as an excellent way to combat boredom and inactivity.  Your cat will love the enriching and rewarding experience snuffling provides.
Will the snuffle mat improve my cat's behavior?
The snuffle mat is an excellent outlet for your cat's energy. Snuffling is a calming activity so use the mat before bedtime to help your cat get their snack and a dose of enrichment before they wind down for the night. For cats that get overstimulated and bite or scratch during play, interrupt excitability with some calm snuffling. You can use the snuffle mat to train multiple cats by engaging one cat in snuffling while you train the other. Snuffling can also be a way to get unfamiliar cats closer together; set up snuffle stations at a distance and gradually, over several sessions, move the mats closer together. To prevent counter-surfing, use the snuffle mat to create an activity zone for your cat. 
What is it made of?
Produced by Paw 5, the Snuffle Mat is sustainably handmade. The fabric is a combination of virgin and upcycled cotton and polyester, so every snuffle mat has a unique look and feel. All materials are tested to certify they are safe for pets.
How do I clean it?
The snuffle mat is easy to clean. You can toss it in the washer and dryer.