The Cat School Program

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What You Get!

  • A quiet clicker (ideal for cats) and a spiral bracelet 
  • A Terry Ryan Clik Stick target stick
  • A printed quick-start guide to reference whenever you need it.
  • Immediate access to an interactive virtual course. There is no time limit on the course.
  • Support from the teacher in the class. Post videos and get feedback on your training, so you can improve your skills and help your cat learn.


What do I learn in the course? The course is an introduction to clicker training. Fun and easy behaviours to help you and your cat learn to work together as a team. There are some intermediate lessons to work towards. 

Is this course for me? This course is for anyone who wants to improve their cat's behaviour and have a fun activity they can do with their cat to enrich their life.

The course is geared towards clicker training fun and practical behaviours. It is not recommended for students who are only interested in stopping undesirable behaviours. 

What if my cat isn't food motivated? There are resources in the course to help you work through these issues. 

What if I have multiple cats? There is a section on working with multiple cats in the course.

Is my cat too young (or too old)? Age is not a limiting factor for training. Food motivation is a more important variable than age.

What if I need help? The online class is formatted so you can ask questions and post videos of your training and get feedback. I've included support because I want my students to succeed and your questions are opportunities for me to improve the course.