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Clicking With Your Cat: An Online Cat Training Course

About the course: This course is an introduction to clicker training your cat. There are several tricks and lots of practical behaviours. With the teacher's help, everyone should be able to start clicking with their cat and complete the course successfully.

About the methods: Created by an applied animal behaviourist, this course employs the most progressive training techniques. Step-by-step instructions with videos and notes make it easy for you to learn.

How it works: Upon purchasing the course, you will receive a link to your lessons' online platform. The platform is easy to use. You can upload training videos and post questions at the bottom of each lesson. There is a discussion area for additional questions.

Timeline: You will receive access to the course material for a full year after enrollment. With help from your teacher, you should be able to accomplish all your assignments and turn your cat into a star student.

Support: All students can get training support in the online classroom. Your teacher, Julie, is committed to your success and will help you achieve your training goals. There is a section under each lesson to post a video of your training and get feedback. Many students find it useful to read other students' questions and see the teacher's answers. 

We can't wait to meet you in class and see your cat(s) learn!

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    Katarzyna L.
    Ireland Ireland
    Great course with support from the trainer!

    I'm still early in the course, as I found it difficult to train two completely different cat personalities at once, but as we're getting better, I can really tell it works! I love that the course gives us a chance to spend time together, keeps my cats stimulated, and it's just adorable to watch them work for their treats. And they seem to enjoy it, they are excited when they see me bring the clicker and the pointer stick! It is always an option to contact Julie, the trainer and author of the course, and get helpful hints from her. The method is presented clearly, with photos and videos, and great explanations. Recommended for all cat people!

    A Cat School Customer
    Lauren H.
    United States United States
    Amazing and well crafted resource

    While we're still in the beginning stages of Cat School, Morris and I have found it to be such a great resource for managing behavior, learning new skills, and keeping each other entertained! Julie is active on the forum and answers questions quickly and thoughtfully. We can't wait to learn all the skills!

    Elizabeth H.
    United States United States

    This has been great. The opportunity to get questions answered and see other cat owner's experiences is invaluable. Many of the concepts are similar to training dogs (which I have done) but cat training is a whole separate category! Love it!

    Victoria B.
    Canada Canada
    So worth it!

    I love this course and so does my cat! She is an older cat that we adopted a few months ago, and this has been a great way to bond with her. Also, Julie is absolutely amazing, and is so incredibly helpful and supportive!

    Eleonora F.
    Switzerland Switzerland
    It is worth your time!

    For SURE the best 45$ spent in 2020! Whether you have never trained a pet before, or are already an experienced trainer, you will learn a lot by tapping in to Julie's experience and ideas! I am so impressed by the constant development of methods, step-by-step support and encouraging atmosphere. If you have a cat, this is a must-do, hands and paws down! I always knew I wanted to train my cat, but I could never have hoped for such an impressive and user-friendly platform. Our cat clearly looks forward to training time, and it is a way for me to spend quality time and strengthen our bond. I am very thankful to Julie for her patience and encouragement, her consistency in answering questions in speed-of-light time, for the competitions on Instagram, and every new idea she is coming up with. Super happy to follow her and keep supporting her work! I have known a few people tell me that they don't have the time to read a training book, or navigate through hours of how-to videos, but the super-cool thing about how this cat school is structured, is that each module is extremely short. In 5 minutes you know what you have to do, and you can already try doing it! Still have doubts? Give it a shot and you won't regret it!