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Clicking With Your Cat: An Online Cat Training Course

About the course: This course is an introduction to clicker training your cat. There are several tricks and lots of practical behaviours. With the help of the teacher, everyone should be able to start clicking with their cat and complete the course successfully.

About the methods: Created by an applied animal behaviourist, this course employs the most progressive training techniques. Step-by-step instructions with videos and notes make it easy for you to learn.

How it works: Upon purchasing the course, you will receive a pdf that contains a link to the online platform with your lessons. Work through the lessons at your own pace. There is no time limit.

Support: Support is provided in the online classroom. You are welcome to post questions and upload a video of your training for review. You can also reach out to the teacher, Julie, at

We look forward to meeting you in class and helping you and your student(s) learn!