Cat Harness Training

About the course: In this online course, you will work at your own pace to teach your cat to wear a harness. Getting your cat comfortable wearing a harness, is an essential step to walking your cat safely on a leash. With yearlong access, you have plenty of time to work through the training.

About the methods: Created by a certified applied animal behaviourist, this course employs the most progressive training techniques. Careful attention to detail was put in to help you and your cat succeed. Step-by-step instructions with videos and notes will help you teach your cat to be comfortable and confident walking on a leash and wearing a harness.  

How it works: Upon purchasing the course, you will receive a pdf that contains a note and link to the online platform. In the platform, there will be videos to watch with supplementary notes.

Support: Email support is included in the course. If you have any trouble completing the course please email Julie, the instructor at

Please note: The focus of this course is on harness training. Leash walking tips are available, but instructions for going on adventures, car rides, etc., are not included. If your cat is fearful of the outdoors, get in touch prior to enrolling. Once your cat is happy in the harness, send your specific questions about leash walking via email.

Universal Terms of Service Agreement: By making payment and enrolling in the course the feline guardian acknowledges that no harness is 100% escape proof, and will not hold Cat School Cat Training liable for any incidences or injuries to their cat. Every cat is unique, therefore, the information should be utilized at the sole discretion of the cat handler. Please use extreme caution when taking your cat outside in a harness.

100% money back guarantee:Please note: to receive a refund you will be required to demonstrate via video that you followed through on each step.

What students say:

@catherapyblog: "He used to run and hide when he heard the drawer open that housed his harness. Now he gets so excited when he sees his harness because he knows he's going to get his favorite food."

teach your cat to walk on a leash
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    Erin P.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Fantastic course

    It’s great, we are progressing much faster than I expected and we are bonding too. Before the course I was quite stuck and not knowing how to proceed, now it all seems so simple. She is already wearing the harness ok and will be ready to try outside soon. It’s a bargain price too and I love seeing the other participants messages and progress videos.

    A Cat School Customer
    Sara M.
    United States United States
    Super easy and straight forward.

    I definitely like using this in tandem with the normal training, but only once our kitty was used to the harness. I think it has clear guidelines and is super clear on ways to correct mistakes

    Marie-Michèle V.
    Canada Canada
    The best way to do it

    I imagine if I just tried to do this on my onw it would have been a total disaster. I feel more confident having Julie the cat teacher supporting me through the process! thanks Julie!

    Deborah O.
    United States United States
    Great training, as always!

    We are taking our time with this new behavior, slow and steady. I think it will be successful, though, as they are not afraid of the kitty holster harness vests, and are eager when they see them come out with the treats!

    Srinidhi M.
    United States United States
    Thoughtfully constructed training and impeccable support from Julie!

    Cat school opened my eyes to so many aspects of training cats - food selection, body language, the importance of taking a step back and staying under the cat's threshold; I've learned a lot! I've been surprised with the efficacy of the program! Nora (my intelligent, restless kitten) seems to understand what I'm asking of her and I feel like we're communicating more effectively. I'm more in tune with her body language and she will do anything for a treat and is a willing participant! Julie's support has been timely and thorough. She helps me decide when to move on to the next step of training and helps me adjust and tailor my training to Nora. I'm so glad I signed up for this!