Congratulations Trick Cat Title Holders!

  • Teddy with Selvynna Tang
  • Gibson with Sarah Olewski Klassen
  • Lycko with Joanna Sandell
  • Zeddie with Kristin Hulzinga
  • Goose with Sara Devine
  • Adami with Terri & Jim Lukens-Gable
  • Kitsune with Jordan Whitaker
  • Gul Ducat with Mari Vihuri
  • Marvin with Geneviève Boire
  • Micky with Monie Thompson
  • Dragon with Laura Cassiday
  • Milo with Dana Gilmore
  • Mad Marvellous Marvin with Dr. Nancy Priston
  • Matcha with Mary Iskander
  • Taika Sweetman with Becky Sweetman
  • Doit with Lill Chanett
  • Scout with Lucianna
  • Gwen with Shannon Sorem
  • Micky with Hilde Van Nooten
  • Sophie with Jackie & Jeff Moy
  • Zack with Jackie & Jeff Moy
  • Nipa with Tiina Patana
  • Nora with Chini Murali & Eric Jacobson
  • Draco with Leanna
  • Bruce Willie with Martina Majavacchi
  • Calvin with Ariel Hsieh
  • Willie with Michelle Vander Ploeg

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