The Cat School Training Program

All the tools and resources you need to train your cat and enrich their life.

We make it fun and easy to train your cat!

Thousands of students have taught their cats with our fun and easy methods. We guarantee your cat can learn.

Why Train Your Cat?

  • Increase activity 
  • Resolve problem behaviour
  • Teach practical skills
  • Strengthen your bond
  • Have fun with your cat
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Everything You Need To Train Your Cat


A quiet clicker suitable for cats, and a retractable target stick. The clicker is a marker that tells the cat they did it right and they earn a reward. You need these tools!

An Online Course

A roadmap to training your cat. Videos and written steps so you know exactly what to work on.

Teacher Support

Access to Julie, the cat teacher. Get all your questions answered and feedback on your training. Imagine having an applied animal behaviourist at your fingertips? 

All the tools you need to start clicker training

Clicker Training Tools

Telescoping target stick with clicker, plus a small clicker with a ring attachment.

QuickStart Guide

Fun and easy illustrated lessons to follow.

Created By An Animal Behaviorist

Clicker training is an effective cat training method.

Tested by 1000s of students

Thousands of cats have learned to fist bump and other tricks with our toolkit.

Use Your Target Stick To:

  • Increase your cat's activity with jumps on and off objects.
  • Break the ice with new people by extending the target stick fully for interaction with strangers. Gradually decrease the length of the stick.
  • Teach your cat to follow you on leash walks.
  • Guide your cat over and under objects to create an agility routine.

Clicking With Your Cat Online Course

Building Blocks

Learn all the building blocks you need to start your cat off on the right paw, including paw targeting behaviours, and touching a target stick.

Practical Behaviors

You're taught all the practical skills to  improve your cat's behaviour, such as sit, stay, down, go to your parking spot, and carrier training.

Fun Tricks

Lessons contain fun tricks, including all the pawshake tricks, arm and leg jumps, rollover, beginner fetch, plus a series of tricks using a sticky note.

Solving Problem Behaviour

Containing a framework for solving problem behaviour, you'll overcome challenges such as jumping up on the counter, scratching furniture and door dashing.

Training Support

Our goal is to make sure your cat training journey is fun and successful. Ask questions and get feedback on your training. No matter where you get stuck, we will help you move forward. Many students find reading other students questions are beneficial to their understanding.


Participate in our training challenges to improve your skills and have more fun projects to work on. 

Watch The Course Trailer

  • One year course access
  • Watch lessons from any device
  • Step-by-step video instructions plus written notes
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Training support

FAQ - About The Cat Training Program