Harness Training

A few notes about training your cat to wear their new Cat School Harness: 

Every cat is different
You will need to take your time at certain points of the training plan depending on where your cat is comfortable and uncomfortable.

Progress slowly
This process takes as long as it takes. Your cat sets the pace. You can't rush it.

Maintain trust
If you rush the process, you risk breaking the trust that you develop with your cat.

Employ careful observation
Use careful observation to decide when it's time to progress to the next step. Our goal is to work at a level where the cat is comfortable, and we watch their body language to accomplish this.

Respond to your cat's feedback
If they have an adverse reaction, that’s feedback that we are pushing them too far and need to ease off. Food and escape are two diagnostics. If your cat won't take the food, leaves the session, or backs away, you probably jumped forward too quickly and needed to go back a step and make it easier.

Need help with your training?

Join Cat School and access our training courses, including more leash walking resources, to help your cat listen outside. Ask questions and submit videos to get feedback on your training.  Progress will be faster when you get help from the Cat School teacher, an applied animal behaviourist.