Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will training help my cat's biting and scratching?

Yes! The beginner training program will teach you how to interact with your cat constructively. By providing your cat with fun activities that build teamwork, your cat will see you less as an adversary and more as a teammate.

Is my cat too old for training?

Age is not a limiting factor in learning. Cats of all ages can learn. For all cats that are new to training, it’s important to go slow at first to give them time to learn the rules of the game.

I have a new kitten when can I start training?

Right Meow! The more you do with your new kitten the more rewarding your relationship will be. New puppy owners don’t wait to start teaching their puppy and new kitten owners should follow the same guidelines. Training will get you and your kitten started on the right paw.

How do I train multiple cats?

In the virtual course, there is a section on working with multiple cats. The goal of the lesson is to teach each cat to stay at a station or ‘parking spot’. While you train one cat, the other cat earns rewards for staying at their spot. You might be surprised to see how much one cat enjoys observing the other cat work.

Can cat training help my cats if they are aggressive to one another?

Yes! In the program, each cat will learn to stay at a 'parking spot' while you work with the other cat. By doing this, you create an environment where the cats can be close to one another safely. By pairing treats with these sessions, each cat will start to associate the presence of the other with a more positive experience. Keep in mind, aggression is a serious behaviour problem, and you may need a behaviourist to help you get to the finish line.

My cat is not that interested in food, can I use praise and pats as a reward?

Although human students appreciate when their teacher says, "you did a great job", most students try hard at school because they want good marks. Similarly, for your cat, praise will only go so far – you need high-value rewards for your cat’s hard work. My recommendation is that you find treats your cat loves. Grab my FREE GUIDE to building food motivation and finding the best training rewards.