Cat trick: Teach your cat to wave with clicker training.

Did you enjoy teaching your cat to fist bump or high five?

If so, this tutorial is a cool way to start challenging your cat. When we want to make a behavior more challenging, trainers often refer back to the three D's: distance, distraction and duration. Wave is basically high five at a distance. The cool thing about distance is that you can always make it harder by cueing the cat from further away.

Teach your cat to wave with clicker training

What do you need: A clicker, some treats and a the same container you used to teach fist bump. 

To be successful at this trick I recommend the following purrequisites: sit and fist bump. It would also be helpful if your cat knew how to stay on a spot so if you are having a hard time with your cat moving forward you would want to work on sit/stay. If you are using clear communication with your clicker they should be able to grasp this one. 

Have fun training!