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June 19, 2019

Since creating the fist bump tutorial, hundreds of cats have learned to fist bump using my method. I promise your cat can learn too!

Teach Your Cat To Fist Bump

What you need!

You need a small, light container. A heavy container may frighten your cat if it flips over and if the container is too big your cat may use their face instead of their paw to get the treat. The container I use is one of the Mula stacking cups from Ikea.

You need some small high-value treats. If you feed your cat a dry food diet, consider switching your cat to a moisture-rich food, and use the dry food for training.  

Step 1: 

When your cat is attentive, place the treat in the container. As soon as your cat uses their paw to get the treat out. Click and feed your cat the reward. 


cat training

Step 2:

Repeat Step 1 while holding the cup in your hand.

fist bump 2


Step 3:

Cover the cup with your hand. Click, then reward when your cat’s paw targets your hand instead of the cup. Repeat without the food in the cup.

Step 4:

Remove the cup and turn your hand into a fist. Click, then reward when your cat’s paw targets your hand.

Don't forget to show off your smart cat to all your friends. Tag #catschool on Instagram so I can share it to the Cat School community.

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