Train Your Cat To Go To A Place With Clicker Training

One of the most useful behaviours you can clicker train your cat is to go to a parking spot on cue This 'spot' can be a mat or a bed. Moving it around should be easy. I use my laptop case.

Where would you use this behaviour?

1) Use the mat to teach your cat to go into a carrier
Once your cat knows to go to their mat on cue, you can gradually start to place it into their carrier. Click and treat your cat for going on the mat as you gradually move it into the carrier. Imagine being able to cue your cat to go into their carrier by merely putting their mat in there?!

2) Use the mat to prevent your cat from jumping on the counter
Counter-surfing is a problem behaviour that many cat owners experience. Cats jump on the counter because every so often they find something exciting up there to make their search worthwhile. Now, what would happen if you created a parking spot for your cat and every time they went there, they found some delicious treats? In no time, your cat would learn that it pays to go to their spot. Plus, by clicking and treating the cat for being on their mat, you will encourage them to repeat the behaviour. It won't take long before you walk into the kitchen and find your cat waiting for you at their parking spot instead of the kitchen counter.

3) Use the mat to finally get your cat off your keyboard.
As cute as it is when our cats jump on our keyboard, it can also be kind of annoying when we have to get work done. Once you teach your cat to lie on their mat, you can put it right beside you as you work. All you have to do is reinforce them every so often, and they will get the benefit of being close to you and spoiled with some rewards. Win-Win!

Start training your cat with this easy clicker training tutorial.

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