Meet Your Teacher


Hi, I'm Julie, The Cat Teacher. This smart and handsome black cat is my student, Jones.

How Cat School began!

Three years ago, when I was working as a dog trainer, Jones showed up at my doorstep. At the time, I was training my dogs formally and the next thing I knew I had another willing student in the class. I was amazed at Jones' eagerness to learn and how quickly he picked up new behaviours. Once I started teaching him, I couldn't imagine his days without this fun activity; it was clear these sessions were the highlight of his day. It was when I started showing off Jones' tricks on my Instagram account, everything changed. People all over the world began asking me for help training their cat. Upon the realization that cats were missing out learning opportunities, I created Cat School.

Why train cats?!

Cats are highly trainable using clicker training methods and can benefit tremendously from the enrichment and valuable lessons clicker training provides. Unfortunately, the misconceptions about cat training mean many cats miss out on learning practical behaviours like nail trims, going into their carrier, and going for leash walks. Teaching your cat tricks and other fun behaviours will bring activity to their day and create a stronger human-cat bond.

What qualifies me as your teacher?

Over ten years ago I became a certified professional dog trainer (CCPDT-KA). In 2013 I returned to school to earn my MSc in Animal Behaviour. My extensive understanding of animal behaviour combined with my clicker training expertise is why so many cats are successfully learning from my courses and YouTube tutorials.

I’m excited to meet you in my virtual classroom.

– Julie, The Cat Teacher